Associated Students Government

The Associated Students is the governing body that finances, organizes, and directs many student sponsored programs and activities at City College. Elections are held annually for Associated Students President and other officers, with midyear elections held as needed. Any student with a current City College ID card may vote in the elections.

Associated Students Membership

Support your AS by purchasing an AS membership. The membership entitles you to many special discounts and privileges. The revenues go back to support various campus events and activities. See the Associated Students office for a list of current benefits.

City College Associated Students


ASG Office: D105-A
ASG Office Phone Number: 619-388-3353
ASG Web Master's Phone: 619-388-3353 Email: TBA 

Inter-Club Council (ICC) Office: D105
Inter-Club Council (ICC) Phone: 619-388-3353
Associated Students/Student Events - Official Calendar:
Inter-Club Council(ICC) Email:

2014-2015 Executive Council

President/Student Trustee: Adam Garcia
Vice President:
  Katie Joy Lonthair
Treasurer: Vamtowe Djoukwet
Secretary: Samantha Masino
Webmaster/Student Designer: Vacant
Public Relations: Alejandra Castellanos
Public Events Coordinator: Matilde Gutierrez
Scholarship Officer: Bryan Taylor
Safety & Environment Officer: Sebet Thon
Government Affairs Office: Carolina Moreno


Chief Administrator: Stephanie Carlos
Vice Cheif Administrator: Vacant
GAO Administrator: Maria Rivas
Public Events Coordinator Administrator:  Ivan Ortiz
AD HOC/ICC Administrator: Vacant

Inter Club Council
President: Genesis Delgado
Vice President: Nilo Ondevilla
Treasurer: Kenneth Sandoval
Secretary: Aisha Pouh
ICC Representative: Natalya Frolova
ICC Webmaster: Felix Oje


Senate President: Laura Benavidez
Senate Vice-President: Hani Hussein
Senate Secretary: Edwidge Dupard
Senate Administrator: Vacant

Senator: Candice Bell
Senator: Justin Hall  
Senator: Breona Harris
Senator: Wendy Huerta
Senator: Joseph Hunt
Senator: David Jaime
Senator: Martin Mattes
Senator: Ariel Navarro
Senator: Stanley Tryka
Senator: Guillermo Velez

Standing Committees

Outreach and Awareness

Co-Chairs: Public Relations Officer Alejandra Castellanos and Public Events Coordinator Matilde Gutierrez
Meeting Time: M/W - 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee

Chair: President Adam Garcia
Meeting Time: TBD

Budget and Finance Committee

Chair: Treasurer Vamtowe Djoukwet
Meeting Time: T - Time TBD 

AS Scholarship Committee

Chair: Scholarship Officer Bryan Taylor
Meeting Time: T - 1:00 p.m.

Advocacy Committee

Chair: Government Affairs Officer Carolina Moreno
Meeting Time: TH - 5:00-6:00 p.m.