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A Pathway to Success,
Creating your future!

Dear Students,

Welcome to San Diego City College! Serving students for more than 100 years, we celebrate the rich heritage of all of our students and staff. We respect that you come to City College with an important family heritage, a valuable collection of life experiences, and a great expectation for your future.

Although we come from different places, we join together here at City College focused on one goal: student success.

Student success has different definitions, but here at City College it means that each and every student is provided a pathway to reach their academic, career and life goals. What is your pathway?

To help you find your pathway, take advantage of the treasure trove of student resources available. As a student, you only have to ask for help and you will uncover an abundance of tools that can help you develop an Education Plan, set up time to work with a tutor, or obtain financial aid or scholarship dollars. Also, our faculty members are masters at helping our students build personal and professional networks to open up new journeys of exploration.

The more time you take in exploring the resources available at City College, the more empowered you are to achieve your goals.

The things that you learn at City College will change who you are, preparing you for employment, family, and life. Through City College, you will open the gateway to your future.

Enjoy the journey and take advantage of all City College has to offer! I look forward to seeing you on campus.


Denise S. Whisenhunt, J.D.
Interim President, San Diego City College

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