Accreditation Spotlight

Why is Accreditation important?

Positive student learning outcomes are the primary goal of San Diego City College. As a student-centered institution, we pride ourselves at putting students at the center of all we do. We are committed to quality and continuous improvement, and welcome the accreditation process as a vital element of our ongoing improvement efforts.

Accreditation standards reflect standards of good practice. The standards were developed by professional peers (faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the public) and reflect minimum conditions of quality and service for accredited institutions. Maintaining an accredited status is a collective responsibility of all members of the San Diego City College community.

Being an accredited institution allows our students to receive financial aid and transfer credits to other institutions.

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See below for updates from the ACCJC, the City College Accreditation Steering Committee and  Institutional Self-Evaluation writing teams, and general helpful information about the accreditation process.

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