Guided Pathways

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office is embarking on a five-year, $150 million effort to bring the Guided Pathways framework to all of the state's community colleges.

Requirements for participation and eligibility for funding include attendance at one of the IEPI-sponsored introductory workshops, the completion of an institutional readiness self-assessment, and the development of a multi-year work plan.


Planning Documents:
CCCO Guided Pathways Website
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Guided Pathways in Michigan - from AACC Community College Daily
AACC Pathways Project - competitive grant supporting implementation at 30 colleges
Guided Pathways Resource Center - resources compiled by AACC
California Guided Pathways Project -- externally funded effort at 20 colleges
Community College Research Center Resources
       NEW Practitioner Packet April 2018
National Center for Inquiry and Improvement: Guided Pathways Demystified - Part 1 and Part 2

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updated 5/2018