Integrated Plan Development

The State Chancellor's office has released new requirements for the development of plans for the Basic Skills, Equity, and SSSP initiatives. For 2017-19, goals and activities supported by these categorical funds will be integrated into a single planning document. Budget allocation and tracking will remain separate for BSI, Equity, and SSSP efforts..

City College is working with the existing Basic Skills Committee and Equity Task Force and the Student Services departments involved with SSSP to begin development of the plan. The final document will be on the SDCCD Board agenda for approval in November in order to be submitted to CCCCO by December 15.

Information/Work Sessions: These are open sessions for faculty, staff, and administrators to provide support to those completing integration documents, collect information and feedback, and provide information to those interested in learning more about the integrated plan and process. Sessions are facilitated by representatives of the current BSI, Equity, and SSSP initiatives.

Activity Prioritization Meetings:
BSI: Thursday, July 6, 1-4 pm in AH-509B
Equity: Monday 6/26 2-4 pm in R-110 and Wednesday 7/12, 2-4 pm in R-110
SSSP: Thursday, July 6, 1-3 pm in M-202

Prioritization Outcomes Review Meetings:
BSI: Wednesday, July 19, 1-4 pm in AH-509B
Equity: Tuesday, July 18, 1-3 pm in R-110
SSSP: Tuesday, July 18, 9-11 am in M-202
A working draft of the Integrated Plan for City College is available here (updated 6/28/17) to facilitate information sharing during the planning process.

Basic Skills Initiative Preliminary Activity Prioritization and Recommended Budget - 7/6/17

The links below include documents and resources for development of the 2017-19 Integrated Plan for Basic Skills, Equity, and SSSP.
CCCCO Guidelines for Integrated Plan creation
Timeline for City College plan development (updated 6/28/17)
NOTE: This timeline document will be revised as work sessions and presentations are scheduled - please check back for updates!

PowerPoint presentation - May 2017

Draft Goals for the Integrated Plan, as revised by SSIC on 5/18/17

Current City College BSI/Equity/SSSP Documents

BSI FY 15-16 Expenditure Plan
Equity Plan

Integrated Plan Workgroup Members
Chris Barker, Dean of Student Equity
Susan Murray, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Anna Rogers, BSI Coordinator/English Faculty
Nesha Savage, Acting Dean of Student Development
Susan Topham, Interim VP of Student Services