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Enjoy a group of HIGHLY MOTIVATED students. Be free to INNOVATE and EXPERIMENT within your classroom.
The Honors Program offers individual faculty members the opportunity to expand their pedagogical experience by creating and teaching an EXCITING honors section of an existing course in their discipline. 

If you have an idea that has been kicking around, don’t hesitate to contact one of the honors coordinators. We’d love to see some new courses being proposed—as long as there’s an existing course outline and your department is supportive (at this time funding for the course is provided by your department).


Each semester we request that you please recommend to us any students who might be interested in participating in the Honors Program.  We will write a personalized letter to that student suggesting that they take an Honors class.  Even if the student decides not to take the course, they will be pleased to know that you judged their work to be excellent.  To access the recommendation form please follow the link.

Honors Contracts

Honors contracts are an inventive way to enrich a course experience for students and faculty alike, by adding a tad more rigor, depth, interdisciplinary flavor, research, writing, class presentation, and so on… Students get important transfer and/or job benefits by earning honors notation on their transcripts – it could make all the difference in transfer admission or job advancement.

What to do: Send your students to the Honors office (AH-102) to pick up our explanatory handout, with the contract signature form attached.  Do your sensible best to evaluate the students’ preparation and motivation to do work “above and beyond”.  Use our “idea page” to select some tentative goals for the contract.  Have both student(s) and professor sign the contract and send the student(s) back to AH-102.  We’ll do the rest! Please contact the Honors Program for specific semester deadlines.

Reminders: Once the honors contract has been processed, students CANNOT be dropped from the honors section and re-add the original non-honors course.  Students must drop the course completely or continue in the honors section.

Honors credit can ONLY be awarded for FACE to FACE classes that are 16 weeks in length and are 100 level or above.

(10 hours per student with a maximum of 30 hours)

Easy ones, try AH-102, 388-3512. 
Tougher ones, call Hector Martinez, 388-3585 hmartine@sdccd.edu

Sample Honors Syllabi