Military Outreach Program

"Serving those who Serve"


Marine Corps Recruitment Depot
Naval Base San Diego

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Complete a college application on line at
Request all prior college transcripts, including SMART transcripts.
Counseling Meet with on-base advisor to plan a class schedule.
Tuition Assistance
Processed through your on base education office.

Advanced Registration is Required

Due to heightened security on military bases, new base entry restrictions apply. Military base access is restricted and in the event of high alert status, will be closed to all non-military personnel. Students cannot “crash” classes on base or enroll on the first night. A listing of all registered students, with their ID number, will be provided to base officials. Please note that classes offered on military bases may be relocated at anytime.  Civilian students are encouraged to consider and enroll in any other short term classes listed in this schedule.

Questions: (619) 233-5617 or (619) 295-9974

Please note

Eligibility for civilian students to attend classes on military bases is contingent upon heightened security status. Civilians enrolling for classes on base MUST call (619) 233-5617 two weeks prior to the class start date in order to obtain current information with regard to base security status, to clear eligibility for base access, and to obtain exact classroom location for scheduled classes. civilian students bring the following:

  • Valid drivers license with photo
  • Current vehicle registration which must be in your name or a notarized letter authorizing you to drive the vehicle
  • Vehicle insurance with verification of coverage dates

New Procedure for Civilian Students

Non-affiliated CIVILIAN students are required to submit to a background check in order to access 32nd Street Naval Base for the purposes of taking a City College class.

Advanced registration and submission of a Confidential Consent for Background Check form is required three (3) weeks prior to the start of classes.

To access the mandatory form, visit SDCCD Student Web Services and click on the key resources link.