Certificates Available

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Environmental Control Technology

The certificates of performance and achievement and associate degree require completion of the courses listed below.

  • Certificate of Performance: Air Conditioning and Solar Energy*
  • Certificate of Performance: Basic Refrigeration and Control Systems*
  • Certificate of Performance: Advanced Air Conditioning and Direct Digital Control
  • Certificate of Achievement: Air Conditioning, Heating, and Advanced Refrigeration
  • Certificate of Achievement: Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar Energy
  • Certificate of Achievement: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems Design
  • Certificate of Achievement: Stationary Facilities Engineering and General Maintenance Technician

For more information about these certificates, visit the Degree Requirements page.

*A Certificate of Performance is a departmental award that does not appear on the student’s transcript. All courses must be completed within the San Diego Community College District.