This program provides fundamental training in fine arts enabling students to earn an associate degree while completing lower division preparation for a four-year degree. The curriculum is designed to maximize transferable course units and to provide basic skills required for employment in art-related fields.

Career Options

Some careers listed require education beyond the associate degree: art critic, art dealer, educator, historian, arts administrator, advertising specialist, ceramicist, community or computer artist, computer graphics illustrator, computer publishing, design consulting, display designer, gallery director, graphic artist, illustrator, muralist, painter, printmaker, sculptor and visual information specialist.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:

  • Utilize design principles to compose visually successful works.
  • Compare and contrast, orally or in writing, the expressive goals, techniques, strategies and styles of past and present artists working in graphic media.
  • Recognize and incorporate elements such as line, mass, light, and position while drawing the human figure.
  • Identify certain historically significant art works and distinguish their salient characteristics, in written responses and in oral discussion.
  • An effort to reach a personal understanding of the visual arts as consumers, custodians and creators of visual culture.