Course Descriptions

BIO 109 Preparation for Biotechnology 3 hours lecture, 6 hours lab, 5 units Grade Only

Advisory: English 48 and English 49 and Mathematics 46 each with a grade of "C" or better, or equivalent, or Assessment Skill Levels R5 and W5 and M40.
Limitation on Enrollment: This course is not open to students with previous credit for Biology 265B.
This course is intended as a preparation course for students interested in further studies in biotechnology. The course provides the fundamental knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and microbiology for additional biotechnology coursework. Topics include the fundamental chemical processes common in prokaryotic and eukaryotic biology, chemistry of biomolecules, cellular and molecular biology, gene expression and genetic engineering. The laboratory experience provides basic skills and techniques essential to advanced biotechnology courses. (FT) AA/AS; CSU.

BIO 206 Biotechnology Instrumentation 3 hours lecture, 9 hours lab, 6 units Grade Only

Prerequisite: Biology 205 and Chemistry 201 and 201L, or Biology 109, with a grade of "C" or better, or equivalent.
This is an advanced lecture/laboratory course implementing major techniques used in the biotechnology industry. Topics include tissue culture methods, purification and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, DNA amplification and cloning procedures, protein identification methods, scientific information retrieval, and technical writing. This course is intended for students seeking employment opportunities in biotechnology. (FT) AA/AS; CSU.