Digital Media Production

Program Description

Digital Media Production is the art of producing, editing and modifying digital media from photos - or from scratch - for use in self-promotion or advertising. The final output will be used in multimedia for the web, mobile devices, print or social media. The goal is to produce logos, brochures, business cards, promotional animations, and websites with high quality images, sound and design. The classes in Digital Media Production take students from being a beginner to a being a confidant producer of quality media, using a step-by-step process. Even if students don't plan to work in the digital media field, these courses will help them promote their own marketing image and branding, and will give them the needed knowledge to guide others to a desired multimedia result.

Associate in Science Degree: digital media production area of specialization

RTVF 100 Introduction To Radio and Television or
JOUR 202 Introduction to Mass Communication or
DJRN 100 Mass Media in the Digital Age3
RTVF 107 Audio Production3
RTVF 118 Television Studio Operations3
RTVF 140 Radio and TV Newswriting
RTVF 160 Introduction to Cinema
Complete the following courses for emphasis in DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCTION:
DMPR 151 Introduction to Multimedia
DMPR 152 Sound Design and Digital Audio Post Production 3
DMPR 153 Introduction to Nonlinear Editing 3
DMPR 154 Game Design 3
DMPR 155 Advanced Nonlinear Editing 3
DMPR 156 Video Special Effects 3
DMPR 157 Advanced Multimedia Production 3

Total = 36
Recommended electives: Art - Fine Art 155A, 210A; Art - Graphic Design 124; Computer and Information Science 114; Photography 105; Radio, Television and Film 270.