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“City College RTVF Dept. helped me in the utmost way possible. When I started researching schools I wanted to go to one that was very hands-on and had a solid reputation. I'm glad I chose City RTVF, the professors are extremely knowledgeable and supportive because they themselves have been there and done that. If I had to rate my overall experience, I would give it a 9/10 simply because City College RTVF has provided me with the resources and the tools needed to succeed within my field of work. In my 3 semesters at City they helped sharpen my skills as well as my mind and I can honestly say that I've learned more during my tenure at City College RTVF than I did at a four year university and that's saying a lot. They offer so many relevant courses to aid you in your career that I can see myself coming back to City College RTVF sometime in the future. From the Dept. Chair, to the professors, to the tutors and beyond, everybody inside that Dept. is bought in to assisting the students in any way, shape, or form. They've facilitated me in my dreams and goals and they can certainly do the same for you.”
Andrew Jimenez SD City College RTVF Student 2015-2016.
Poet-Author and current NFL Films Intern (Cinematography)

“Newscene is a great experience and I'm fortunate I took part in it. The friendships we made there are lasting and helpful as we network throughout our careers.”
David Furlin, Fill-In Anchor
XETV, Bay City Television

“The video and series [produced by the RTVF department] reminds me of why I like working at City College so much… I see the cooperation and collegiality of faculty and the success of students shining through.
Lydia Gonzales
VP Instruction Office

“Without the needed guidance, assignments and the time I spent in your classes, I know I wouldn't be where I am today. The strict deadlines, the accuracy of the news content and the competitiveness you've demonstrated in class were all beneficial to me when I first landed my job. I appreciate what is offered at a great college and from a wonderful professor.”
David Matras, Assignment Editor
KGTV 10News

“RTVF prepped me really well. I tested into the advanced video production class at Columbia University, and I'm so glad I went to City.”
Aliya Bora Columbia University
Graduate School of Journalism

“I learned so much and enjoyed so much and gave so much. Thanks for your wisdom. I had a great and challenging time.”

“Thanks for the great feedback! I learned a lot from you this semester that I can build on going forward. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and passion for sharing what you know.”

“I learned a lot of technical aspects of this art; your opinions and critiques have been very good. I wish you let me send you future projects, just to know your opinion which I consider very important.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the valuable items I've learned under your tutelage. I just started a job at KUSI as a writer for the nightly newscasts and I couldn't be happier.”
Joshua Lipton

“I love the energy and enthusiasm you bring to the class.”

“I was a student in your class more than ten years ago. I am writing to thank you again for the training and guidance you provided… I've been involved in several multimedia projects, and each time I find I draw upon the training I received in your class.”
Rachel Evans
Development Manager
San Diego Futures Foundation

“Your class was a pivotal point in my education and really sparked in me a drive towards my goals.”

“You played a significant role in my academic career… I am graduating with honors from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Advertising and I just passed my California Real Estate Exam. Just want to give you the thanks you deserve for giving me that extra push; it did not go unnoticed.”