Technical Illustration (TECI)

50 Bridging to Technical Illustration - 1 hour, 1 unit (Grade Only)

This course is designed to assist students in exploring the possibility of pursuing a career in the field of technical illustration. This introductory course, outlines career options within the field, places of employment, overview of the current technology, areas of specialization, testing requirements and professional organizations. (FT) AA/AS.

101 Basic Technical Illustration - 1.5 hours lecture, 4.5 hours lab, 3 units (Grade Only)

This course covers the basics of technical illustration as it applies to the technical publications industry. Emphasis is placed on visualization skills, technical document analysis, and illustration development. Projects progress from technical illustration of mechanical details on CAD to pictorial procedures as required by industry. (FT) AA/AS; CSU.

102 Advanced Technical Illustration - 1.5 hours lecture, 4.5 hours lab, 3 units (Grade Only)

Prerequisite: Technical Illustration 101 with a grade of “C” or better, or equivalent.
This course is a continuation of Basic Technical Illustration 101. This course is designed to emphasize advanced pictorial problems of complex mechanical assemblies as they apply to current technical illustration industrial standards. Projects will progress from CAD generated technical illustrations of exploded views in isometric, wireframe, and solids modes to exploring current procedures of pictorial development as required by industry. (FT) AA/AS; CSU.

This discipline may offer specialized instruction in one or more of the following areas: Supervised Tutoring (044), Experimental Topics (265), Independent Study (290), Individualized Instruction (296), Service Learning (277), or Work Experience (270). Detailed course descriptions are listed on page 120. Please refer to the class schedule and/or see the dean or department chair for availability.