Cosmetology Program

This program is approved by
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
2420 Del Paseo Road Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 94244-2260

The Cosmetology program is a rigorous training program requiring good reading and English comprehension for lectures; and good interpersonal communication skills for following directions and working with the public/others. Although this program has a major applied skill component (lab work), students must satisfactorily achieve competency in science, chemistry, and anatomy topics in lecture courses that are specific to the practice of Cosmetology. It is highly recommended that you prepare accordingly to ensure that your study skills and reading comprehension skills are adequate to meet the challenges of this program.

Our Cosmetology faculty is committed to student success! We will use your assessment scores to recommend additional coursework, as appropriate, to provide you with every opportunity to succeed in the training program at San Diego City College and to increase your opportunity for successfully passing the State of California Cosmetology licensing exam.

The Cosmetology program consists of five 8-week sessions, and requires 1600 clocked hours and 42.5 units to complete. Students complete the program in 12 months.

Courses: 8-week sessions, held year round
Monday - Friday, 7:50 am to 4:00 pm
Students are admitted every 8 weeks

Address: Career Technology Center V- building 1081 16th Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Sudie Phillips, M. Ed. Department Chair and Professor,
Kim Czerwonka, Professor, Cosmetology, 


Open Seats Available for Cosmetology


Orientation is mandatory prior to registration. See dates under Orientation tab on the right.


Program add codes are required for continuing students for spring, summer and fall semesters. Course work from other Cosmetology programs will not clear City College course work. New students can start mid semester every fall, spring, summer. Program vacancies are filled by students. Students are required to purchase all textbooks, uniforms, practical kits, tools and small manually handled equipment.


Cosmetology courses are offered during the day and evening.

Full-Time Programs: The schedule of lecture and lab hours varies per semester.

State Board Verification: Students with previous course hours in Cosmetology from another community college program must provide written State Board documentation. These courses cannot be used for the major. The California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology requires 1600 hours of instruction for Cosmetology or 600 hours of instruction for Esthetics, both careers require a passing score on the State Board examination to become licensed and eligible for employment. Students participate in practical and theoretical training under the supervision of a State-licensed and community-college-credentialed instructor at all times while enrolled in the program.


Students are expected to learn fundamental practices and procedures of cosmetology or esthetician services. This includes laboratory instruction in client cosmetology or esthetician services. Instructional opportunities provide the student with salon site visitation, guest speakers, exposure to the cosmetology industry, small business concepts and current changes in the field of cosmetology which lead to career opportunities and advancement. Students are provided with opportunities to develop skills in sales, community and client relations, care of skin, hair and nails, as well as salon management. A grade of “C” or better must be maintained in order to advance in the course sequence.


  • Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Book Package (3 books) $395.00
  • Intro to Cosmetology Burmax Kit $1,150.00 *Tax not included
    *Prices subject to change per semester (kits will be delivered to class on first day of school).
  • Cosmetology Uniform-prices vary; Black Scrubs and Shoes San Diego City College Logo Required (refer toCosmetology Orientation Information)

To purchase supplies for the upcoming fall Semester please contact the Cosmetology Department Chair: Professor Sudi Phillips


Some careers in cosmetology require education beyond the associate degree. Examples of careers in cosmetology include: salon owner/manager, cosmetologist (salon services), platform stylist (demonstrates products and techniques for manufacturer), competition stylist, cosmetology instructor, technical writer for trade magazine, seminar/demonstration speaker and education specialist (for a manufacturer).

Examples of careers as an esthetician include: Salon or Spa Esthetician, Spa Esthetic Consultant, cosmetic consultant, makeup artist for theatre, film and/or television, medical esthetic assistant, manufacturer representative for skin care, cosmetics or esthetic equipment.


Upon successful completion of the Cosmetology/Esthetician program the student will be able to:

  • Apply cosmetology/Esthetician concepts, procedures and practices to successfully pass the State Board Examination.
  • Practice safety, health, and sanitation procedures as set forth by the California Bureau of Cosmetology/Esthetician.
  • Utilize professional practice terminology and techniques as required by the California Bureau ofCosmetology/Esthetician examination.
  • Perform all practical applications required for the state board examination/state licensure.
  • Explain basic cosmetology/esthetician concepts, terms and definitions.
  • Compare and contrast cosmetology/esthetician procedures and practices.
  • Apply cosmetology/esthetician products and procedures in providing services to clients.