Program Description

Dance is a vigorous and specialized area in the performing arts, and is unique in its ability to convey emotional and cultural values. Dance is physically demanding and requires a thorough understanding of aesthetic values. The Dance major at San Diego City College is one of six options in the Visual and Performing Arts Division. This program is primarily designed for the student who intends to transfer to San Diego State University, or to other universities that offer baccalaureate preparation in Dance. Additionally, the program provides an excellent foundation in dance for students interested in other performing arts fields or entry level into the workforce.

The following dance courses meet the Physical Education graduation requirement: DANC 110, Ballet; DANC 115, Tap; DANC 120, American Street Dance; DANC 130, Dance Repertoire; DANC 135, Jazz Dance; DANC 140, DANC 145, Ballroom; Modern Dance; DANC 177, Dance Improvisation; DANC 178, Advanced Contemporary; DANC 179 Advanced Classical; and DANC 261, Dance Performance.

Program Emphasis

The focus of the Dance program at San Diego City College is on modern, ethnic dance forms and body modalities. Courses in choreography, dance history, dance performance and improvisation are among those required for the Associate of Arts Degree in Dance. Dance students will work closely with the City College Theatre and Musical Theatre departments in production for public performance.


Most careers related to Dance and other performing arts require education beyond the associate degree..

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a Certificate of Dance, a student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The history of dance as it relates to western culture, including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Broadway/Musical Theater, and Ethnic forms of dance.
  • Aesthetic perception of various dance forms, and critical analysis and response to performance.
  • An understanding of choreographic, technical and improvisational elements of dance.