Degree Requirements

Associate in Arts Degree: English


Courses Required for the MajorUnits
ENGL 101, Reading and Composition or

ENGL 105 Composition and Literature3
*ENGL 205, Critical Thinking and Intermediate Literature
**ENGL 215, English Literature I: 800-1799
**ENGL 216, English Literature II: 1800-Present
Select three units from the following
(recommended sequence for UC Transfer):
ENGL 208, Introduction to Literature3
ENGL 220 Masterpieces of World Literature I: 1500 BCE - 1600 CE3
ENGL 221 Masterpieces of World Literature II: 1600 - Present
Select three units from the following
(recommended sequence for UC Transfer):
**ENGL 210 American Literature I
**ENGL 211 American Literature II3
ENGL 245A Writing Creative Nonfiction3
ENGL 247 Writing Seminar-Poetry3
ENGL 249 Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENGL 252B Intermediate Fiction Writing3
 Total: 18

*Meets SDSU/CSU critical thinking requirement.

**Recommended sequences for UC transfer.

Note: English 205 meets SDSU/CSU critical thinking requirement.
Note: English 215 and 216 are required by SDSU and UCSD. Other course electives are available at Mesa and Miramar Colleges.

For graduation requirements see Requirements for the Associate Degree on page page 79.

Electives as needed to meet minimum of 60 units required for the degree:

Recommended Electives: English 202, 209, 238, 240, 245A, 247, 249, 252A, 252B; Humanities 101, 102, 201, 202; Journalism 200, 210A/B/C/D.

Courses designed to support this and other majors: ESOL 19, 20, 21, 22, 30, 31, 32, 40.

Transferable Units as Prep for the Major at SDSU
SDSU will accept a total of 12 units of literature and creative writing as preparation for the English Major.
This includes any combination of lower division literature courses and up to six units of creative writing courses.