Degree Requirements

Certificate of Performance: Honors Global Competencies Certificate*

The Honors Global Competencies Certificate offers you the opportunity to gain a global perspective through completion of coursework in intercultural competencies, communication skills, technology skills, and coping skills.

Courses Required for the MajorUnits
ENGL 205, Critical Thinking and Intermediate Composition 3
Select three to five units from the following introductory or higher level foreign languages
ARAB 101, First Course in Arabic 5
FREN 101, First Course in French 5
GERM 101, First Course in German 5
ITAL 101, First Course in Italian 5
JAPN 101, First Course in Japanese 5
RUSS 101, First Course in Russian 5
SPAN 101, First Course in Spanish 5
TAGA 101, First Course in Tagalog 5
VIET 101, First Course in Vietnamese 5
 Select six units from the following:
 ANTH 102, Introduction to Physical Anthropology3
 ANTH 103, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
ARTF 110, Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic 3
ARTF 111, Art History: Renaissance to Modern 3
BIOL 101, Issues in Environmental Biology 4
 ECON 120, Principles of Macroeconomics3
 ENGL 101, Reading and Composition3
 ENGL 105, Composition and Literature3
 ENGL 220, Masterpieces of World Literature I: 1500 BCE - 1600 CE3
ENGL 221, Masterpieces of World Literature II: 1600 - Present 3
HUMA 101, Introduction to the Humanities I 3
HUMA 102, Introduction to the Humanities II 3
 HIST 100, World History I3
 HIST 101, World History II3
 MUSI 101, History I: Middle Ages to Mid 18th Century3
 MUSI 102, Music History II: Mid 18th - Early 20th Century3
 MUSI 109, World Music3
 PHIL 106, Asian Philosophy3
 PHIL 125, Philosophy of Women3
 POLI 101, Introduction to Political Science3
 POLI 103, Comparative Politics3
 POLI 140, Contemporary International Politics3
 Select three units from the following:
 CHIL 101, Human Growth and Development3
 CISC 181, Principles of Information Systems4
 GEOG 102, Cultural Geography3
 HEAL 101, Health and Life-Style3
 PSYC 101, General Psychology3
 Total: 15-17

This certificate will be offered through the Honors Programs at City, Mesa, and Miramar Colleges. All coursework except for foreign language must be done as an honors class or as an honors contract.

*A Certificate of Performance is a departmental award that does not appear on the student’s transcript. All courses must be completed within the San Diego Community College District.