ProgrAM Description

History is the study of human experience from the dawn of time to the present. It examines people, institutions, ideas and events of the past and the present. The primary objectives of the History program are: to meet general education requirements for American Institutions, Humanities, and Social Sciences; completion of the Associate of Arts degree; and preparation for transfer to a four-year institution and completion of general education requirements for the student enrolled in a four-year institution.

Program Emphasis

The study of history develops cultural literacy, critical thinking, and other useful skills. San Diego City College offers the two-semester World History survey sequence along with the two-semester American History survey sequence. Completion of these two sequences provides the student with the necessary lower division preparation for a baccalaureate degree in History at San Diego State University.


Most careers in history require education beyond the associate degree and some require a graduate degree. This is not a comprehensive list but some of the most common career options with history preparation include: archivist, business person, diplomatic corps, historian, journalist, lawyer, librarian, museum curator, park historian, professor, teacher and writer.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:

  • Critically analyze primary and secondary sourcesin college-level essays, written assignments, andresearch papers.
  • Identify and describe historic periods,movements, trends, people, and eventsimportant in the study of World, U.S., Asian andLatin American history, and Western Civilization.