Area of Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences

These courses emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to the understanding and study of human behavior. Students evaluate and interpret human societies; the institutions, organizations and groups that compose them; and the way individuals and groups relate to one another. Students develop an appreciation of the various approaches and methodologies of the disciplines.

The area of Social and Behavioral Science is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree at a transfer institution in a social and behavioral science-related major.

Common university majors in this field include: Afro American Studies, Anthropology, Archeology, Behavioral Science, Black Studies, Chicano Studies, Child Development, Cognitive Science, Community Studies, Criminal Justice/Justice Studies, Cultural Geography, Developmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, Family and Consumer Studies, Gerontology, Global Studies, History, Human Services, International Relations, Law, Peace and Conflict Studies, Policy Analysis, Political Science, Psychobiology, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Social Science, Sociology.

This degree is designed to accommodate the differing requirements of a wide variety of transfer institutions and major options. Because admission and major preparation requirements vary at each transfer institution, courses used to complete this major should be selected with the assistance of a San Diego City College counselor.

Associate in Arts Degree: Liberal Arts and Sciences with an Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Courses Required for the Major:

Students should complete a minimum of 18 units including both Social and Behavioral Science courses:

ADJU 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice
ADJU 102 Criminal Law I
ANTH 102 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
ANTH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 104 Laboratory in Physical Anthropology
ANTH 107 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 115 Introduction to Archaeological Field
ANTH 210 Introduction to California Indians
ANTH 215 Cultures of Latin America
BIOL 200 Biological Statistics or
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics or
PSYC 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
BLAS 100 Introduction to Black Studies
BLAS 104 Black Psychology
BLAS 115 Sociology from a Black Perspective
BLAS 116 Contemporary Social Problems from a
Black Perspective
BLAS 120 Black Music
BLAS 130 The Black Family
BLAS 135 Introduction to Black Politics
BLAS 140A History of the U.S., Black Perspectives
BLAS 140B History of the U.S., Black Perspectives
BLAS 145A Introduction to African History
BLAS 145B Introduction to African History
BLAS 150 Black Women in Literature, Film and the
BLAS 155 African American Literature
BLAS 165 Sexuality and Black Culture
CHIC 110A Introduction to Chicano Studies
CHIC 110B Introduction to Chicano Studies
CHIC 130 Mexican Literature in Translation
CHIC 135 Chicana/o Literature
CHIC 138 Literature of La Raza in Latin America in
CHIC 141A United States History from a Chicano
CHIC 141B United States History from a Chicano
CHIC 150 History of Mexico
CHIC 170 La Chicana
CHIC 190 Chicano Images in Film
CHIC 201 The Indigenous Tradition of Mexico and
Ancient Mesoamerica
CHIC 210 Chicano Culture
CHIL 101 Human Growth and Development
CHIL 121 Creative Art
CHIL 133 Language and Literature
CHIL 135 Curriculum: Science and Math
CHIL 141 The Child, Family and Community
CHIL 151 Program Planning
CHIL 152 School Age Program Planning
CHIL 160 Observing and Understanding Children
CHIL 161 Observations and Issues in Child
CHIL 162 Observing and Guiding Child Behavior
CHIL 165 Children With Special Needs
CHIL 175 Infant-Toddler Growth and
CHIL 176 Principles of Infant/Toddler Caregiving
CHIL 180 Nutrition, Health and Safety for Children
CHIL 202 Administration of Early Childhood
CHIL 210 Supervision of Early Childhood
CISC 181 Principles of Information Systems
CISC 190 Java Programming
FUTR 101 Introduction to Futures Studies
GEND 101 Introduction to Gender Studies
GEOG 102 Cultural Geography
GEOG 104 World Regional Geography
HIST 100 World History I
HIST 101 World History II
HIST 105 Introduction to Western Civilization I
HIST 106 Introduction to Western Civilization II
HIST 109 History of the United States I
HIST 110 History of the United States II
HIST 115A History of the Americas I
HIST 115B History of the Americas II
HIST 120 Introduction to Asian Civilizations
HIST 121 Asian Civilizations in Modern Times
HIST 123 U.S. History from the Asian Pacific
American Perspective
HUMS 101 Introduction to Human Aging
HUMS 110 Social Work Fields of Service
HUMS 120 Introduction to Social Work
LIBS 101 Information Literacy and Research Skills
PEAC 101 Introduction to Peace Studies
PEAC 102 Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution
PEAC 201 Environmental Sustainability, Justice
and Ethics
POLI 101 Introduction to Political Science
POLI 102 The American Political System
POLI 103 Comparative Politics
POLI 140 Contemporary International Politics
PSYC 101 General Psychology
PSYC 135 Marriage and Family Relations
PSYC 137 Human Sexual Behavior
PSYC 155 Introduction to Personality
PSYC 161 Introduction to Counseling
PSYC 166 Introduction to Social Psychology
PSYC 211 Learning
PSYC 230 Psychology of Lifespan Development
PSYC 245 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 255 Introduction to Psychological Research
PSYC 259 Behavioral Science Statistics Laboratory
PSYC 260 Introduction to Physiological
SOCO 101 Principles of Sociology
SOCO 110 Contemporary Social Problems
SOCO 125 Sociology of the Family
SOCO 150 Sociology of Latinos/Latinas
SOCO 201 Advanced Principles of Sociology
SOCO 223 Globalization and Social Change
SPAN 201 Third Course in Spanish
Total Units = 18