Degree Requirements

The associate degree in Engineering Technology MECOMTRONICS requires completion of the courses listed below. Additional general education and graduation requirements for the associate degree are listed in the catalog. The associate degree requires a minimum of 60 units.

Associate in Science Degree: Military Electronics Technology

Courses Required for the MajorUnits
MLET 50, Basic Direct Current
MLET 51, Working With Direct Current
MLET 52A, Basic Alternating Current I
MLET 53A, Working With Non Resonant Alternating Current
MLET 52B, Basic Alternating Current II
 MLET 53B, Working with Resonant Alternating Current 2
 MLET 54A, Basic Analog Circuits I 1
 MLET 55A, Working With Basic Analog Circuits I 3.5
 MLET 54B, Basic Analog Circuits II 1
 MLET 55B, Working With Basic Analog Circuits II 3.5
 Total = 19.5
Recommended Electives: MLET 56A, 56B, 57A, 57B.