Student Organizations

National Student Nurses' Association - SDCC Chapter

The Student Nurses' Association of San Diego City College is organized for the following purposes: 

1. To assist student nurses to unite together to advance the profession of nursing and to strengthen the efforts of each individual student in the pursuit of their goals.

2.  To support and work with the local Coordination Council of the Student Nurses' Association of California, and to be an active participant of the Sate Association at the personal discretion of each individual member.

3.  To encourage participation in the activities of the National Student Nurses' Association.

4.  To maintain self-government in accordance with the policy of San Diego City College.

5.  To initiate interest and enthusiasm for membership in the American Nurses' Association, the professional organization for registered nurses.

6.  To promote interest in the National League for Nursing and the California Nurses' Association.

Executive Board

  • PRESIDENT: Jonathan Bills  
    VP YEAR 1:   Albert Flores                                
    VP YEAR 2:   Maria del rio Sims
    Treasurer Year 1:  Chris Crane
    Treasurer Year 2:  Valerie stewart
    Secretary:  Jazel Ruvivar
    ASB Representative: Monica Jaroszynski