Program Description

The first objective of the philosophy program is to teach students how to think critically emphasizing analytic reasoning. In addition, students are prepared for university-level philosophy courses. The study of philosophy acquaints students with the nature of philosophical activity and helps them increase critical thinking skills about fundamental philosophic concerns such as the nature of correct reasoning, the scope and limits of human knowledge, characteristics of reality and questions of value and obligation. Philosophy relates to many other academic disciplines and stresses systematic and abstract thought.

Program Emphasis

The Philosophy curriculum meets general education Humanities requirements for both the associate degree and universities, and prepares for transfer to university majors.


Most careers in this list require education beyond the associate degree. A sample list of careers in which background knowledge of philosophy is appropriate include: education, human service vocations, law, management, medicine, publishing, scientific research, teaching, and theology.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To increase the student’s critical thinking skillsin considering fundamental philosophicalconcerns such as the nature of correct reasoning,the scope and limits of human knowledge,characteristics of reality and questions of valueand obligation.