Degree Requirements

The associate degree in Theater requires completion of the courses listed for the degree. Additional general education and graduation requirements for the associate degree are listed in the catalog. The associate degree requires a minimum of 60 units.

Certificate of Performance: Technical Theater*

Courses Required for the MajorUnits
DRAM 123 Beginning Stagecraft3
DRAM 124 Makeup for the Stage3
DRAM 126 Advanced Stagecraft3
DRAM 143 Beginning Costuming3
DRAM 129A Beginning Scene Painting or 
DRAM 129B Intermediate Scene Painting3
 Total = 15 

*A Certificate of Performance is a departmental award that does not appear on the student’s transcript. All courses must be completed within the San Diego Community College District.

Associate in Arts Degree: Visual and Performing Arts Theater

The theater program offers transfer courses in preparation for university theater majors as well as fundamental skills in acting and play production useful for employment or for participation in community theater productions.

Courses Required for the MajorUnits
DRAM 105 Introduction to Dramatic Arts3
DRAM 123 Beginning Stagecraft2
DRAM 124 Makeup for  the Stage3
DRAM 132 Beginning Acting3
DRAM 133 Intermediate Acting3
DRAM 134 Beginning Voice for Actors3
DRAM 165 Introduction to Stage Movement3
Select three units from the following
DRAM 107 Study of Filmed Plays3
DRAM 108 Playwriting3
DRAM 109 Theatre and Social Issues3
DRAM 111 Chicana/o Theatre3
 DRAM 119 Acting for Film/Television3
DRAM 129A Beginning Scene Painting3
DRAM 129B Intermediate Scene Painting3
Total = 23