Spring and Fall 2007

  • San Diego College President Terrence Burgess appoints Ron Manzoni, Vice President of Instruction and Accreditation Liaison Officer, and Roberta Alexander, English Professor, to serve as the Accreditation Self Study Co-Chairs.
  • The president approves a proposal for the establishment of the Accreditation Self Study Steering Committee with the appointment of an administrator to each standard reassigned time for faculty members in each standard.
  • Initial meeting of the Accreditation Self Study Steering Committee opened by President Burgess.

Spring and Fall 2008

  • Accreditation Self Study Steering Committee meets monthly; presentations given regarding the status of the self study to the Academic Senate, Associated Students, and Classified Senate; reports presented at all meetings of the President’s Council (spring 2008-spring 2010).
  • Fall convocation presentation regarding the self study process.
  • Peter White, entering Vice President of Student Services, assigned to serve as Accreditation Liaison Officer and Self Study Co- Chair.
  • Faculty standard co-chairs approved by the Academic Senate, and the steering committee is expanded to include students and staff.
  • Four standard co-chairs, and the faculty co-chair of accreditation attend the Academic Senate Accreditation Institute.
  • Campuswide recruitment for the standard committees, with special effort to include staff and students; Over 90 faculty, administrators, and staff volunteer to participate; standard committees meet on a regular basis.
  • Training session by Accreditation Commission for members of the steering committee and standard subcommittees held at the college.
  • Standard committees 1) discuss self study process; 2) reach consensus on a consistent, systematic approach to working with its standard; 3) train subcommittee members; 4) set up process and tasks for self-study; 5) organize and maintain document and data collection; and 6) draft descriptive summaries.
  • Standard co-chairs dialogue with counterparts from other campuses, as necessary to discuss districtwide concerns.
  • District Office of Institutional Research and Planning, the other colleges, and the college researcher—in consultation with the college Accreditation Self Study Steering Committee—draft and design the Employee Perception and Student Satisfaction Surveys.

Spring 2009

  • Administer Employee Opinion and Student Satisfaction Surveys as well as point-of- service surveys for various college services.
  • Two workshops for the Accreditation Self Study Steering Committee and all members of the college community are held by the Institutional Research and Planning Director and the college researcher to review, analyze, and interpret the results of the surveys.
  • Standard co-chairs submit first complete draft of the descriptive summaries.

Summer and Fall 2009

  • Accreditation overview presented at the Faculty Convocation.
  • Campus Forum during FLEX week regarding the self study and the results so far re: what the college does well and areas that need improvement.
  • Ongoing feedback with standard co-chairs regarding drafts and documentation needs.
  • Discussion and inclusion of identified planning agenda items.

Spring 2010

  • College presentation regarding the status of the self study process and the emerging planning agenda items.
  • Synthesis of planning agenda items by the President’s Cabinet with the faculty co-chair of the self-study; presentation to the self study steering committee by the college president.
  • Planning agenda items sent via email to the entire college community; ongoing revision of planning agendas based on feedback.
  • Copyediting of standards.
  • Standards posted on public folders and announced to the college community for review and feedback.
  • Standards reviewed and feedback provided by college constituent groups including Instructional Services Council, Student Services Council, Academic Senate Executive Committee, Associated Students, Institutional Technology Council, Institutional Assessment Committee, Master Planning and Resource Oversight Council (February/March).
  • Self study finalized and approved by Associated Students, Academic Senate, Classified Senate, and President’s Council (April/May).
  • Report reviewed by Chancellor’s Cabinet and the District Governance Council (June).
  • San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees approval (July).

Fall 2010

  • ACCJC team site visit