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Accreditation Co-chairs: Randy Barnes (ALO) and Catherine Shafer (.60) Spring 2015-Fall 2015 

Standard I: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity 

Co-chairs: Minou Spradley, Trudy Gerald, Salley Deaton, Angela Inthisane. 

• Mission 

• Improving Institutional Effectiveness 

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Support Services 

Co-chairs: Denise Whisenhunt, Jeanie Tyler, Gail Rodriguez 

• Instructional Programs – Rose LaMuraglia and Leroy Brady. 

• Student Support Services – Helen Elias and Faculty (TBD) with Kathy McGinnis to assist. 

• Library and Learning Support – Robbi Ewell and Sandra Pesce. 

Standard III: Resources 

Co-chairs: Seher Awan, Adamu Walelign, Neary Sim 

• Human Resources – Lori Erreca and Faculty (TBD) 

• Physical Resources – Robbi Ewell and Faculty (TBD), and Carmeter Lard. 

• Technology Resources – Robbi Ewell and Eileen Gum. 

• Financial Resources – Seher Awan and Faculty (TBD) 

• Planning – Seher Awan, Randy Barnes, and Faculty (TBD) 

• Fiscal Responsibility and Stability – Seher Awan and Salley Deaton. 

• Liabilities – Seher Awan 

• Contractual Agreements – Seher Awan 

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance 

Co-chairs: Lori Erreca and Pete Haro, Yvonne Schemltz 

• Decision-making Roles 

• Chief Executive Officer 

• Governing Board 

• Multi-college Districts or Systems 

Catalog Requirement - Randy Barnes (ALO) 

All committees will solicit faculty and classified staff participation through the Academic and Classified Senates. Broad participation will be encouraged, and managers and supervisors will be asked to facilitate participation in meetings. 


Fall 2014 

Focus in Fall 2014 will be on evidence gathering and organization, including website development and TaskStream management. 

Website – Robbi Ewell will take the lead to create an accreditation site on the City website where all committees can post agendas and meeting minutes. 

TaskStream – Kathy McGinnis will develop template in TaskStream, including revised ACCJC standards. 2010 Self-evaluation will be posted to correspond with revised standards, where applicable. All evidence and research will be collected in TaskStream. 

During Fall 2014 a focus will be on gathering and organizing evidence. 

Beginning with 2014-2015, MPAROC will be organized around accreditation. 

October 15, 2014: ACCJC training to be held at Mira Costa College. 

Steering Committee Meetings: to be scheduled depending on availability of members. 

• Week of November 10: Initial accreditation team organizational meeting, development of work groups for each standard. 

• Week of December 1: Updates on evidence gathering, website development, TaskStream. 

• Week of December 15: Final fall meeting, establish Spring 2015 meeting schedule. 

Spring 2015 

Focus in Spring 2015 will be preparation of initial draft of self-evaluation, with a goal of having a draft approved by the Academic and Classified Senates by end of semester. This will facilitate editing during Summer 2015. 

Steering Committee Meetings: Monthly beginning in February. 

Work Group Meetings: As needed, at least monthly with updates provided to Steering Committee. TaskStream will facilitate ongoing monitoring of work by Work Groups. 

Summer 2015 

Focus in Summer 2015 will be edits to the Spring 2015 draft. 

Fall 2015 

Final draft will be vetted to constituent groups and modified as needed. Updates since inception will be incorporated into evidence. 

Spring 2016 

Final version of self-evaluation will be approved by Academic Senate, Classified Senate, MPAROC, and President’s Council before being submitted to the SDCCD Board of Trustees (Board deadline TBA). 

Fall 2016 

October 2016: Evaluation team visit.