F1 students are required to attend a mandatory orientation and enrollment session. Orientation is scheduled approximately two to three weeks prior to the start of the semester. Students are required to bring Form I-20, passport/visa, Form I-94, and proof of medical and health insurance. You are expected to present satisfactory evidence of an active health and accident insurance policy for coverage while you are residing in the United States. It must include "Repatriation" coverage. Proof of insurance must also be submitted on the first day of the orientation

The following activities will occur during orientation:
  • Review of obligations and privileges of F1 status
  • Discussions on cultural issues and educational systems in the United States
  • Administration of Math and English assessment tests
  • Completion of the College Admissions Application
  • Introduction to various college services
  • Issuance of the "free" International Student Handbook

Please review the general college orientation for an introduction to San Diego City College.  This is available on-line:

last updated: 04//17/2018