Prerequisites and More

PLAN AHEAD! All prerequisites, corequisites and limitations on enrollment stated in the course descriptions listed in the published schedule and college catalog will be strictly enforced at the time of registration. Students who do not meet the prerequisite, corequisite, or other limitation according to college records will not be permitted to register for the course. Students who believe they have met the prerequisite at another institution are strongly advised to have all transcripts of prior college work on file and evaluated, well in advance of registration to minimize registration delays.

Note: Students should plan their schedules early and see a counselor for assistance. Click here to view a list of prerequisites and corequisites for classes. Click here to view a list of prerequisites and corequisites for classes.


Prerequisites are courses that must be completed with a "C" or better prior to registration in a specific course.


Corequisites are courses that are required to be taken the same semester as another course.

Limitations on Enrollment

Limitations on enrollment are other restrictions that are stated in the course description such as "not open to students with credit in..."


Advisories are departmental recommendations to be completed prior to enrolling in the course.

Challenge Procedures

Petition to Challenge a PrerequisiteVisit the Admissions Office, Room A-241 and speak with a representative.  Students may submit petitions any time after their enrollment date & time until 10 business days prior to the start of the semester. There are several reasons a student may need to challenge a prerequisite, however, the student must be able to provide supporting documentation or demonstrate ability to succeed in the course requested without the prerequisite. If challenging based on Knowledge or Skill, documentation cannot be a transcript or grade report from another institution showing an equivalent course to the prerequisite being challenged. All transcripts from other institutions should be sent to the district office for evaluation.


Proof of Prerequisite/Co-Requisite: To expedite the posting of prerequisites students should submit official transcripts to: San Diego Community College District, 3375 Camino del Rio South, Suite 100, San Diego, California 92108, Attention Prerequisite Evaluator.  Students who need to meet with a counselor regarding prerequisite overrides will go to the E-Building and complete a Proof of Prerequisite form.  The student must be able to present copies of a transcript, grade report, or assessment scores from a prior college indicating proof that a prerequisite has been satisfied.  If approved, the Counselor will appropriately post the information to the student information system indicating that the prerequisite has been satisfied.  The student will then visit the Reg-e online registration system to begin the enrollment process.

 Change of Course Level within a Discipline:  Class must be in session for this process to be used by faculty to recommend students to move to a higher or lower level of a course within the same discipline.   A student must be officially enrolled in the class before being considered for a course level change.  If approved or recommended by the initiating faculty, the student will hand-carry the form to the new faculty for admittance to his/her class, to the appropriate department chair, to the appropriate dean and lastly to the Records Office, Room A-241 for processing.  After receipt of the completed Change of Course Level form, the Records Office will manually drop the student from the original class, add the student to the new class and transfer the enrollment fees.