Priority System

Consistent with State law and the goal of providing a fair and equitable registration system for all students, the San Diego Community College District has established the following priority system for assigning registration appointments for Fall and Spring semesters:

  1. EOPS and DSPS students
  2. Active Military or Veterans*
  3. Continuing students
  4. New matriculating students
  5. New students
  6. Students possessing a baccalaureate or higher degree who are not matriculating

*Important: Please contact our Admissions Office for more details.

Within each of the five groups, students are prioritized according to cumulative units, including transfer units and work in progress. New students are assigned an appointment on a first-come, first-served basis. The priority is as follows:

  1. 50.0-72.0 units
  2. 30.0-49.9 units
  3. 15.0.-29.9 units
  4. 00.0-14.9 units
  5. 72.1-89.9 units
  6. 90+ units (in ascending order)

Enrollment priorities are currently under review and subject to change.

Priority System for summer sessions

  1. EOPS, DSPS, and Active Military and Veterans students
  2. Currently enrolled students
  3. Previously enrolled students
  4. New students