Residency Status

Every person who is married or is age 18 or older and under no legal restriction may establish residence. Certain minors may also establish residence. A California “resident” is a person who has resided in the state for more than one year prior to the residence determination date and shows “intent” to make the State of California their permanent residence.

An undocumented student is precluded from establishing residency. Restrictions also apply to some visas, please see the Admissions Office regarding residency.

The residence determination date is the day immediately preceding the first day of classes for each semester.

Incorrect Classification

A student incorrectly classified as a California resident is subject to reclassification as a nonresident and payment of all nonresident tuition. If incorrect classification results from false or misleading facts, a student may be excluded from classes or the college upon notification.


Reclassification to resident status must be requested by the student. Financial independence during the current year and preceding two years will be considered at the time the student requests reclassification. Information regarding requirements for reclassification is available in the Admissions Office.

Tuition will not be refunded to a student classified as a nonresident due to lack of documentation if, at a later date, documentation is presented for a previous semester.