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Friday, Dec. 19
W.Basketballvs Santa Rosa
SF Tourney
7 PM
Saturday, Dec. 20
M.Basketballvs TBD
Saddleback Trny
W.Basketballvs TBD
SF Tourney
Sunday, Dec. 21
W.Basketballvs TBD
SF Tourney
Monday, Dec. 29
W.Basketballvs TBD
@ Sequoias 
Tuesday, Dec. 30
W.Basketballvs TBD
@ Sequoias
M.Basketballvs LA Harbor3 PM
Wednesday, Jan. 7
M.Basketballat Cuyamaca5 PM
W.Basketballat Mesa5 PM
Friday, Jan. 9
W.Basketballvs Southwestern5 PM
Wednesday, Jan. 14
M.Basketballvs Mesa5 PM
W.Basketballat MSJC5 PM
Friday, Jan. 16
W.Basketballvs Palomar5 PM
M.Basketballat Imperial Valley7 PM
Wednesday, Jan. 21
W.Basketballvs Imperial Valley5 PM
M.Basketballvs Southwestern7 PM
Friday, Jan. 23
W.Basketballat Grossmont5 PM
M.Basketballat MiraCosta7 PM
Wednesday, Jan. 28
W.Basketballvs MiraCosta5 PM
M.Basketballvs Palomar7 PM
Friday, Jan. 30
M.Basketballvs Miramar5 PM
W.Basketballvs Mesa7 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 4
W.Basketballat Southwestern5 PM
M.Basketballat MSJC7 PM
Friday, Feb. 6
M.Basketballvs Cuyamaca5 PM
W.Basketballvs MSJC7 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 11
M.Basketballat Grossmont5 PM
W.Basketballat Palomar7 PM
Friday, Feb. 13
M.Basketballat Mesa5 PM
W.Basketballat Imperial Valley7 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 18
M.Basketballvs Imperial Valley5 PM
W.Basketballvs Grossmont7 PM
Friday, Feb. 20
M.Basketballat Southwestern5 PM
W.Basketballat MiraCosta7 PM
2014-15 RECORDS
Sport OverallPCAC
Badminton 0-00-0
Baseball 0-00-0
M. Basketball 8-60-0
W. Basketball
M. Soccer
W. Soccer 8-11-25-3
M. Tennis 0-00-0
W. Tennis 0-00-0
M. Volleyball 0-00-0
W. Volleyball 11-108-7
Badminton  ---
Baseball ---
M. Basketball ---
W. Basketball
M. Soccer
W. Soccer 2nd
Softball ---
M. Tennis ---
W. Tennis ---
M. Volleyball ---
W. Volleyball 6th

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    mission statement

     While relentlessly pursuing scholastic and athletic excellence we will maximize, improve, and maintain a comprehensive intercollegiate sports program that facilitates the matriculation of student-athletes under the guidelines of the PCAC and the CCCAA.

    We are committed to protecting the welfare of prospective and current student-athletes and feel that their participation in intercollegiate athletics is an integral part of their overall educational maturation. This experience must, at all times, exemplify honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct.