ASG Officers

Suma Massaley

Vice President

My name is Suma Massaley and I am the Vice President of the Associated Students Government. I am an international student from Liberia. I am currently majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies at San Diego City College. I moved from Liberia two years ago in pursuit for a higher education. I plan to successfully transfer to San Diego State University to major in International Security and Conflict Resolution. I am a very passionate about leadership. I believe that one can only make a positive change when one is involved with what is being changed. Thus, in order to be a leader, one has to understand that a position is just a title, but what you do while holding that position reflects on you. I have had the privilege to efficiently represent San Diego City College through the A.S.G. As the Vice President, I oversee the Senate by making sure that every Senator serves on an On Campus Committee and also In House Committees. My position also allows me to act as President in absence of the A.S.G President. The role of a Vice President has been a challenging one but also, I have had the opportunity to build my leadership skills.

Samantha Ruiz

Public Events Coordinator

I am Samantha Ruiz,

I was born in Bakersfield, CA but raised in San Diego throughout the age of 12 until we moved to Oregon when I turned 13. I’ve lived in many different cities because of this I consider myself to be a traveling junkie, in the sense that I thrive from experiencing new environments, people, and cultures. Aside from enjoying a good trip, I am a student, an employee, and a representative for the ASG. I have been attending City College for 2 years and a semester now, my goals are to graduate with as Business Administration Transfer A.A in May 2017. Once I have accomplish the step, I will be seeking on transferring out of state to Portland State University in Oregon. There I plan on continuing my educational career and obtaining a Business Management and Leadership of Science Degree as well as an entrepreneurship certificate. Becoming a business woman is very important to me because the Business career has been in my family for generations and not only it that a motivation but also the fact that I will be the first generation and women in my family to graduating with a business degree and having the goal to open up and running my own business. I have big goals set for myself, and I plan on accomplishing and making a great experience out of it. This is why I love being involved in school and outside activities that will teach me new things, open up my possibilities to help in our community, and achieve things I didn’t think were possible. As the Public Events Coordinator not only will I be focusing on events and such but most importantly to our students, I will make sure to be a voice and advocate for those who want to be heard. This is why if you have any questions, comments, concerns please do not hesitate to come up to me and voice them. If anyone has ideas in mind for events being hosted in our campus you are welcome to come voice your ideas to me in M-201 as well. I am very excited on being able to represent and work for San Diego City College ASG! Thank you.

Aaron Hanna

Government Affairs Officer

Aaron Hanna
Electrical Engineering
Joined ASG to be involved with and advocate for students.
Position: Government Affairs

Mario Raman II


Hello, my name is Mario Raman II and I am running for ICC Representative. I enjoy getting people together for a common cause. I enjoy the interaction. Clubs is a cool way to make new friends but, being an Officer of ICC gives you so much more of a voice to better assist clubs and their leaders. This is why I feel being part of something greater than yourself is so awarding and why I should be the next candidate.