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Knights Take Part In MLK Parade


Fourteen members of the SDCC men's basketball team gathered last Sunday, January 19, to participate in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade through downtown San Diego. The men's basketball team had the largest contingent of any SDCC teams that took part in the event. 

"It's always special to be a part of something bigger than your own selfish interests," said men's basketball head coach Mitch Charlens. "It's so easy to stay in a routine, to want to stay home and relax on a Sunday and watch football. Being in the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade is special. I love seeing all of the people coming together to celebrate a wonderful man;  to celebrate a wonderful movement; a wonderful change."  

"The annual parade always evokes strong emotions as it demonstrates togetherness, strength, and hope," said Charlens. "My athletes were touched to see so many people sharing the day. It meant a great deal to them to see thousands of black people celebrating together. It meant a great deal to them to see all different races and ethnicities sharing in the celebration. It was a special day. Several of my guys were dancing, they were comfortable. They weren't the minority at the parade. Where quite often my athletes feel the pressure of being one of a few, they got to experience the power of San Diego's positive black community. It was a great day."