Core Values

We strive to provide an environment in which our athletes can shine.  This environment is positive, structured, safe, and focuses on the process rather than the outcome.  In addition, the SDCC Softball Program will:

  • Provide the atmosphere for student-athletes to realize the importance of others, personal dignity, individual rights and the value of cooperative teamwork to attain personal and team goals.
  • Encourage the motivation and commitment necessary for academic success, leading to the graduation of student-athletes.
  • Foster the highest standards of ethical conduct, fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Support student-athlete’s needs and be fully committed to student-athlete success.
  • Provide service to the community.
  • Enhance the image of San Diego City College.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to build a successful softball program at San Diego City College and produce graduates and champions!

The softball program shall serve to inspire the pursuit of excellence through honest effort, fair play, and personal integrity. Our highest priority is to enhance the educational growth of our student-athletes. The primary purpose of the softball program shall be to provide a successful, quality, competitive intercollegiate athletic experience for SDCC students which will enrich their lives, provide the necessary training ground for life growth, and help build good character and effective people skills.  In addition, it will enhance the image of the institution and reinforce the academic mission of the College.

The athletic experience of the student-athletes should be positive, rewarding, and enjoyable while achieving their degree.  The provision of excellent coaching, facilities, and services shall enable these students to maximize their potential.  The softball program will be a source of pride to all associated with San Diego City College.