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Knights Go Lawn Bowling in Balboa Park For Team Bonding Event


The SDCC men's volleyball team spent their Friday afternoon participating in lawn bowling. It was a beautiful day in Balboa Park and this event allowed the team to build deeper relationships with each other.

 "I had a blast lawn bowling," said Frankie Valencia. "It was a perfect way to end the week and it gave me an opportunity to see my teammates outside the gym. This type of team bonding event allowed me to get to know my teammates better."

The Knights lawn bowled at the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club in Balboa Park and the Club President, Howard Harris, gave the team some pointers on how to be successful bowlers. "Howard did a great job explaining the tactics of the game," said Head Coach Kevin Pratte. "He managed to relate the game to volleyball and our players really enjoyed this activity."

The Knights will be back in action on Friday, January 31 when they host Santa Barbara in their home opener. "The team is doing an excellent job preparing to have a successful season," said Pratte. "The players worked hard and earned the right to go lawn bowling as a team. It was a great day to be a Knight. Life is good when you are working with an excellent team and spending the afternoon in Balboa Park."