Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Dede Bodnar

Professional Background:
B.S. in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Plant Facilities Management
M.S. Kinesiology
Has coached for 25 years in all levels from Professional to Jr. High...coached Professional Beach team of Liz Masakayan & Elaine Youngs, Olympic Team, Collegiate, Club, High School and Junior High.

Professional Volleyball Player
Played Professional Volleyball Team in France 1987-1988 Played Professional Beach League (AVP-4 years) with partner Sandy Aughinbaugh Played Indoor Professional Volleyball USA league in Portland, Oregon Played competitive Grass Doubles (Women’s and Coed Doubles) 10 years-AAA Rating "Developmental Coach of the Year,"1996 from USA Olympic Committee
"Outstanding Female Coach of the year," 1996 from USA Volleyball Professional Volleyball Player 1985-1990
"Coach of the Year," 1996 from the Pacific Coast Conference

Collegiate Classes:
Intercollegiate Volleyball  - Phye 224 & 225 Techniques of Exercise Leadership - Phye 286 Health and Lifestyle Heal 101
Volleyball- Phye 161
Beach Volleyball - Phye 161
Step Aerobics - Phye 104
Aerobics - Phye 103
Golf - Phye 126
Spinning - Phye 123
Yoga/Pillates - Phye 168
Cardio Kickboxing - Phye 133

Teaching Style:
I believe my teaching style is motivational, encouraging, educational and fun! I want to help my student-athletes become the best at their position. So, if they are willing to put in the work they will rep great benefits in their game.  Most of all, I love to teach and coach.  Teaching/coaching is my passion and when I see my players improve I get re-energized to work harder at staying the best I can be as a teacher/coach.

My goal is to encourage students not only to excel in academics, but also to encourage them to get involved with activities on campus.  I want to make City College a home away from home, a place where people enjoy themselves and look forward to returning. San Diego City College is a great place to receive an educational experience from.

 Contact Information
Head Coach: Dede Bodnar
Phone: (619) 388-3544
Office: P3-203

Assistant Coach - nicole morton

Assistant Coach -  lisette kelly