Seeds@City Orchard

Watch us Grow!

The Seeds@City Orchard is located on Park Blvd between the Harry West Gym and the P-building. 

Urban farmer, Damian Valdez is in charge of our production activities at this site. We have grown over 2600 lbs of produce since January 2012. This produce is sold to our Community-supported agriculture shareholders, our weekly campus farm stand supports, and several local restaurants and markets in the community.  All proceeds are used directly to support the farm's staffing and supply needs. 

We hope that this year will be even more productive!
Stop by the Orchard to check out the progress and see what's growing, and say "hi" to Damian!

The Orchard Timeline

March 29, 2013
Check out our orchard new fence! Thank you President Burgess!
Look for our new greenhouse to be up this summer.

Jason Mraz & Stand for Sam Foundation treeplanting event

January 27, 2013
Singer/songwriter/farmer Jason Mraz and the Stand for Sam Foundation generously donated 60 fruit trees and vines to support our orchard site production. Check out the video from the KPRI event here.

Photos of the orchard site in development

New work on the slope after recent tree removal this spring.

Photo Credits: Damian Valdez 2012 & 2013

last updated 5/16/13