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seeds@city featured in sdcc City times newspaper

September 25, 2013
Seeds@City is spending the month of September competing for a $15,000 grant through Gardens for Good. The contest caught the eye of the City Times, and you can click here to read more about it!

SEEDS@CIty boasts a fully operating greenhouse!

August 19, 2013
After a year of planning and just in time for the fall semester, the Seeds@City Shoots Greenhouse is ready for business! This fall will be the first time the Sustainable Urban Agriculture program has been able to offer a class dedicated to greenhouse plant propagation. Housed in the Orchard site, the Shoots Greenhouse will serve as a live lab for the AGRI 112 class. For more information, visit our Greenhouse page.

Seeds@City Urban Farm is now a designated USDA People's Garden

July 16, 2013

Seeds@City has been accepted as a USDA-designated People's Garden, and additionally we are the first-and-only Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) in California as a designated USDA People’s Garden: Growing fresh fruits and vegetables; Demonstrating sustainable practices; and Providing a place to gather, learn, and share.

Look for our new banner going up next week!

Seeds @ City Urban Farm receiveD an award at the V.I.P. Reception and E.A.R.T.H. Awards

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
The sustainable urban agriculture program was honored with the Stand For Sam, Sam Murray Future Farm Foundation award at the Very Important Planet Reception and E.A.R.T.H. Award ceremony (a benefit for EarthWorks). AGRI Program Manager, Erin Rempala, and Production Coordinator, Damian Valdez, accepted the award on behalf of the program.

KPRI video from Jason Mraz treeplanting

January 27, 2013

Seeds@City hosted a carbon sequestration tree-planting on our campus with Jason Mraz and Stand for Sam Foundation. Check out the event video here!

Shop local! Our produce direct marketing efforts have expanded

December 13, 2012

You can now find our produce––such as these gorgeous heads of lettuce––at Ripe North Park market (32nd and Thorn Sts.) and at additional farm-to-table restaurants such as The Rose Wine Bar (2219 30th St) in South Park.

Watch as we grow! New Urban Farm-to-table pilot program with Alchemy

July 27th, 2012
Today was the first day of our new partnership delivering produce to Alchemy in South Park! We will be providing produce each week. Stop by Alchemy to enjoy our produce in their unique creations and help support Seeds@City Urban Farm and our sustainable urban agriculture program in the process!

photo credit: Marisa Holmes

Lovelikebeer's new Vegan menu series at Sea Rocket Bistro to benefit the farm

Check out Spicy Kimchee Barbecue Seitan Paired with Green Flash Hop Read to benefit Seeds@City at Sea Rocket Bistro, 3382 30th St, North Park
for additional information
Read the article here.

Whole Foods Market Community Giving Day was a big success!

New Collaboration with Mesa College's Culinary Arts/Culinary Management Program

Thursday May 3, 2012
Seeds@City recently provided organic produce for Mesa's Culinary Arts/Culinary Management Program's M Fusion Cafe. We are hoping to continue and expand this partnership in the fall.

Food Day 2012 planning

Food movement leaders are gearing up for the second annual Food Day, the nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food.  More than 2,300 events in all 50 states took place on the first Food Day, and organizers intend for Food Day 2012 to represent an even bigger grassroots campaign for improved food policies.  Food Day is October 24 every year.

Food Day brings together organizations and individuals working on food issues as varied as hunger, nutrition, agriculture policy, animal welfare, and farmworker justice.  Some 2011 Food Day events were large in scale, such as a big festival in Savannah, GA, and a Times Square Eat In, attended by celebrities, chefs, and prominent food activists. 

This year, Food Day will take place just 12 days before the 2012 elections, and organizers expect that it will provide an opportunity for citizens to make their voices heard on, and for candidates to discuss, important food policy issues.  (Food Day, like the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the nonprofit group that is spearheading the event, does not take sides in campaigns or otherwise engage in electioneering.)

Food Day’s 2012 advisory board includes author Michael Pollan; nutrition authorities Walter Willett, Kelly Brownell, and Marion Nestle; filmmaker Morgan Spurlock; and Rodale, Inc. CEO Maria Rodale, among others.  American Public Health Association, Community Food Security Coalition, Earth Day Network, Farm to School Network, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, and Slow Food USA all participate in Food Day, as do many local and state health or agriculture departments.

To help make Food Day a great success and get involved, go to www.FoodDay.org.

Thank you Patagonia!

26 March, 2012
Our friends at our local Patagonia store in Cardiff via Patagonia's Environmental Grants Program have generously funded $7000 in support of our greenhouse project. Check back soon for info on the new greenhouse-- we are currently in the planning stages for the location and structure.

City Joins the Sustainability Education & Economic Development, SEED, Initiative: Training Students for Jobs in the Green Economy

19 January, 2012

To lead in the emerging green economy, America will need millions of skilled workers for new and existing jobs in renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building, and dozens of other sectors that are seeking green-literate employees.  To meet this demand, San Diego City College has joined over 400 community colleges in the first nationwide program to advance sustainability and green workforce development practices at community colleges.  The Sustainability Education & Economic Development (SEED) Initiative, is a free leadership initiative and resource center created by the American Association of Community Colleges and ecoAmerica that provides toolkits, curricular resources, and professional opportunities for community colleges to share information as they scale-up their green economy programs.

With the community's help, we did it! 

10 January, 2012
Using Kickstarter.com's crowd-funding platform (& thank you students, faculty & staff who donated!), we exceeded our goal of raising $15,000 to build a greenhouse and fence for our farm. Thank you for your support!

Seeds Produce is featured in the Vegetarian Tasting Menu at Alchemy

Chef Ricardo is now featuring our very own Seeds @ City produce in Alchemy's weekly Vegetarian Tasting Menu! A portion the proceeds each week will go toward our Save Seeds @ City fundraising campaign. Stop by Alchemy on a Wednesday night, try one of Chef Ricardo's tasty veggie creations and help support Seeds in the process!

Mayor Sanders proclaims October 24th Food Day for San Diego!


Seeds @ City is now on Facebook

Visit our Facebook page and "Like" us!

Seeds @ City to participate in two National Food day 2011 events

October 19th & 22nd, 2011

Please join us for our Fall Farm Festival on campus on October 19th and at our Save Seeds @ City Young Farmers Fundraiser at Wild Willow Farm on October 22nd. Both of these events are part of the national FOOD DAY 2011 events. http://foodday.org/

Food Day is committed to:

  1. Reduce diet-related disease by promoting safe, healthy foods
  2. Support sustainable farms & limit subsidies to big agribusiness
  3. Expand access to food and alleviate hunger
  4. Protect the environment & animals by reforming factory farms
  5. Promote health by curbing junk-food marketing to kids
  6. Support fair conditions for food and farm workers

Save the Farm Fundraising campaign continues:
Seeds @ City is currently featured as the Linkery's Charity of the Month

September 2011
The Linkery is now featuring Seeds @ City as their Charity of the Month. Please show your support by dining at the the Linkery and donating your "tip" to Seeds.

SAve Seeds @ City Urban FArm Fundraising campaign launched

Monday September 12, 2011

We launched our 2011-2012 Save Seeds @ City fundraising campaign at Local Habit Craft Beer and Organic Pizza on Monday 9/12/11. In order to sustain Seeds @ City, funding is needed to continue to provide high-quality year-round maintenance to our existing farm, to be able to offer farm apprenticeship opportunities to students, as well as to purchase seeds and necessary equipment. The College does not support farm maintenance and staffing. Thanks to all of you who joined us for dinner at Local Habit on Monday. Hope to see you next month at Wild Willow Farm.

Sustainable Agriculture certificates & Associate Degree program passes State Approval

Monday June 20, 2011
City College's Sustainable Agriculture certificate and degree programs have been approved by the State. Congratulations to the AGRI curriculum advisory committee and all those who assisted in this process. Thank you for your hard work the past few years to create these courses and get the curriculum approved.

SEEDS @ CITY Turns 3 years old!

Saturday June 11, 2011
On June 11th Seeds @ City Urban Farm celebrated its 3rd anniversary! The Seeds @ City farmers, organizers, and participants want to thank the college and the San Diego Community College District for all of their support in building this wonderful, thriving resource. See the change from lawn to urban food oasis!

Certificate in Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Tuesday June 22, 2010
A Certificate in Sustainable Urban Agriculture will now be available at San Diego City College.  This is a first for southern California.  The development and launch of this program has been the dream of many and the result of countless hours of work by our farmers Paul Maschka and Julia Dashe and Professor Terri Hughes-Oelrich.  This fall you can learn the fundamentals of sustainable agriculture in the classroom and get your hands dirty on the farm.  The two classes being offered this fall are:Principles in Sustainable Urban Agriculture - 3 units lecture -This course is an overview of the historical, social and ecological foundations for a sustainable agriculture. Students gain an understanding of the origins of agriculture, the rise of industrial agriculture, the rise of sustainable agriculture, and the context in which we find ourselves today.Sustainable Agricultural Practices - 3 units lab - This course integrates theoretical and practical aspects of small-scale organic urban farming. It includes hands-on instruction and an introduction to a range of farm-related topics, including composting and vermicomposting, irrigation systems, propagation and greenhouse management, soil fertility, integrated pest management, plant pathology and disease management, permaculture techniques, and small fruit orchard management. Students explore personal agricultural interests through research projects, visit local farms and gardens and attend key sustainable garden and farm events throughout the semester.Registration for the fall semester begins later this summer.  We will keep you posted so that you can enjoy these exciting classes!The development of this program and the launch of these classes is funded through an San Diego Community College District Sustainability Initiative grant.

Starting a CSA

Monday April 5, 2010
Seeds @ City is piloting a CSA option with a small group of partners.  As our farm and experience grows, we hope to expand this opportunity so that it is available to all.The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model began in Japan by a small group of women concerned with food safety, pesticide use, processed and imported foods, and the corresponding decrease in the regional small-scale farming population in Japan in the mid-1960's.This was called the 'Teikei system' or 'putting the farmer's face on food' and created an alternative distribution system independent of the conventional produce market.
The concept of CSA was taken up by American farmers in Massachusetts in the mid-1980's and today it is a model that many farms are using to help market produce to the community.The aim of Community Supported Agriculture is to build a healthy community by providing a local, organic food supply and by re-establishing a relationship between the community and it's farmers.  It is a partnership- the community members support the farm and the farmers directly for an entire season and in return receive a share in the weekly harvest.  This partnership increases community involvement in food production and in the health of the local economy and environment.Notes from the Field:
This season of Spring is an awakening for all involved:  the soil is refreshed with moisture from the Winter rains, the plants are revived by the longer days, and the people working the land are restored by the constant chorus of birds and teaming biodiversity dancing in the garden.  Spring is a generous season for gardeners- and a busy one too!  As the peas, easter egg radishes,cabbages and artichokes ripen into delicious edibles, we are direct-sowing our warm-season crops such as Scarlet Runner Beans, Crook-neck Yellow Squash and Sweet Basil and seeding heirloom varieties of tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.  Our six fabulous apprentices are enjoying the process of learning their 'zones' of the farm and nurturing them with attentive observation and diligent care.  They can't believe that their apprenticeship is half-way over- and Paul and I can't either!  The twelve weeks go by swiftly, and we hope that this introduction to organic gardening and farming will continue to blossom for them and that wherever they find themselves they'll be growing their own food.As this is the first CSA share, we'd like to welcome you into the 'partnership' of supporting the farm, and say thank you for doing so!  We are excited about this new project and hope you enjoy the weekly bags of produce, herbs and flowers from the farm!

Winter Crops

Sunday October 4, 2009
Winter farming is very fun with San Diego’s unique climate.  Just recently we have planted turnips which should finish quickly.  Broccoli is also a new addition.  There is also tomatoes, kale, russian red kale, amaranth, dandelion greens, salad greens, brazing greens, brussels sprouts, chard, carrots, beets, strawberries, peppers, wild flowers, fava beans, string beans, squash, zucchini, cinnamon and big leaf basil, as well as other herbs that can be used for cooking.

UCSD Visits Seeds @ City

Wednesday September 30, 2009
Volunteers from UCSD Sustainable Food Project visited San Diego City College Urban Farm to get inspired about creating a similar farm on the campus of UCSD. Check out UCSD Sustainable Food Project.

Seeds @ City Wins Awards

Friday May 15, 2009
This week Seeds @ City received two prestigious awards.The Farm was awarded the Urban Land Institute's Smart Growth Award for for creative and sustainable development in the midst of San Diego's urban core.It is also the recipient of the Community Colleges' "Best Practice" award in Sustainability, which will be presented at the UC/CSU/CCC Sustainability Conference at UC Santa Barbara next month.All of us at the farm are delighted to be recognized for the important work we're doing in bringing healthy food and an education in sustainable agriculture to the city.

What's Growing this Spring

Tuesday April 14, 2009
We are slowly transitioning our farm from winter to spring and summer crops.
You’ll notice that some our beds of gourmet greens have been replaced with tomatoes and sunflowers.  New rows of salad have been planted in a more sheltered area, as these plants enjoy cool weather.
Some winter crops continue to thrive such as walking stick kale, dandelion greens, chicory greens, brussels sprouts, and bok choy.
The sweet potatoes we planted last fall have been harvested, but unfortunately they disappeared one day while curing.  We only hope that whoever took them ate them with love.
Garlic is still growing strong, as are carrots, and we’ve also added beans - bush beans and pole beans.  So get ready to eat your beans this summer!
An entire hillside is now terraced and covered with zucchini and yellow crook neck squash.
Favas are almost always in season - their fresh leaves make a delicious addition to salad, and their beans can be cooked into a delicious pureed dip.  Gardeners love favas because of what they do for the soil - their roots attract nitrogen fixing molecules, and help turn sterile soil into thriving home for veggies.
I still keep waiting for the artichokes!  They will be so delicious once they’re here.
Wheat is growing on our hillside, along with new grape, raspberry and blueberry vines.
In our upper garden, near the corner of Russ and Park we are planting a traditional Milpa.  The corn is already in the ground and squash and beans will be added soon.
There’s more growing than we can possibly describe. Stop by sometime - the view seems to change every week.  And this week, with flowers in full bloom, and a fresh layer of mulch, the farm is absolutely breathtaking!

What's Growing Now

Sunday February 1, 2009
Winter is a great time for greens.  Here’s what’s currently growing in our garden:
walking stick kale
ruby mustards
dandelion greens
chicory greens
Brussels sprouts
swiss chard
bok choy
broccoli raab
baby salad greens
daikon radishes

Farmers Market Now Open

Thursday January 1, 2009
Every Tuesdays 10:00 am - 12:00 at the farm
Tuesday January 6th marked the first day of our farmer’s market on campus, and the response was overwhelming.  Visitors took home baby salad greens, braising greens such as mustard greens, collards, chard and kale, as well as large daikon radishes, turnips, edible flowers, herbs and more.  The farm is constantly changing.  Stop by each week and enjoy something new and delicious!

We've Expanded!

Saturday December 20, 2008
We’ve expanded to a second site!  Our first farm site is thriving with a variety of vegetables and fruit trees, and demand for our produce is through the roof!  We’ve started a second site at Continuing Education’s Centre City  near the corner of Park Blvd. and Russ Blvd., directly across the street from City College’s main entrance.  We plan to use this site both for experimentation by students in Professor Rempala’s Honors Plants and People biology course and for extensive production.  Our goal is to provide students with healthy organically grown fruits and vegetables and the knowledge to grow these for themselves.

Fruit Trees

Saturday December 13, 2008
This year Seeds @ City received a grant of 61 fruit trees from the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation an organization to dedicated to planting edible, fruitful trees and plants to benefit needy populations and improve the surrounding air, soil, and water.  On Saturday dozens of students and community members arrived for a magical morning of digging holes, planting trees, and learning from a professional arborist.  Our farm has been transformed as a result.  Now we mulch and water, enjoy the blooms, and wait patiently for the fruit.  We’ll be harvesting apples, pears, plums, figs, almonds and more in about three years.

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