Campus Climate Survey

The Diversity Committee requests your response to the Campus Climate Survey being distributed during Fall Semester 2010 to faculty, staff and administrators.

The District is conducting a survey based on continuing interest in diversity and equity and to determine campus climate and cultural competence.  A Campus Climate Survey for faculty and classified staff was initially administered during Fall Semester 1995.  The three campuses, City, Mesa and Miramar and the Continuing Education sites have requested that the survey be reviewed and updated to determine the current campus climate of the District.

A finalized version of the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan was adopted Spring Semester 2010. One of the identified priorities is the development and maintenance of cultural competence throughout the district. The recently adopted Board Policy 7100 also focuses on the importance of cultural competency. The District defines cultural competency as the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures based on the best prevailing practices in education. Cultural Competence is one's ability to understand and communicate with people across cultures. The District identifies four components of cultural competence:

  • awareness of one's own cultural worldview,
  • attitude towards cultural difference,
  • knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews and
  • cross-cultural skills.

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning identifies the purpose of this survey as the collection of evidence on the current climate as it relates to diversity, equity, cultural competence and general work environments.  The information may be used to make changes in policies, procedures and to implement strategies for improving the campus environment.