Hiring Best Practices

Best Hiring Practices for Diverse Faculty

  • Diverse faculty will reflect a diverse range of interests, abilities, life experiences, and worldviews that will enhance the mission of City College.
  • Recruitment and retention of diverse faculty will support equality of opportunity which will ensure meeting the needs of the diverse student population.
  • Create diverse search committees who understand and support the importance of a diverse faculty not only in words, but actions.
  • Position descriptions should be reviewed by the search committee to create a description that reflects the needs of the department and should be written as broadly as possible to attract the largest pool of candidates available.
  • Job announcements and position descriptions may contain language reflecting the department's interest in attracting applicants whose teaching, research or service activities may contribute to the diversity of the campus.
  • Widespread advertising increases the diversity of applicants. Search efforts should include all available avenues for publicizing the position including national publications, personal contacts, listservs, mailing lists, professional and academic conferences and websites.
  • Highlight the support of administrators and campus leadership to potential candidates for the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty.
  • Develop faculty coaching/mentoring programs to educate current and newly hired faculty in the importance of diversity in all aspects of the campus environment and to assess cultural competence.
  • Departments need to continually create applicant pools to be able to have a diverse group of candidates available when positions open.
  • Creation of a long-term plan for diversity hiring should be initiated by each department and discussed regularly at Department meetings. These plans should be shared with other departments, Deans and the appropriate Vice President