Using Taskstream

Taskstream - The Information Hub

Taskstream is the online platform that San Diego City College utilizes to document the annual cycle of assessments for student learning outcomes, administrative outcomes, program review and master planning. Taskstream promotes campus-wide collaboration and communication regarding institutional effectiveness by providing a communication and resource hub for the institution's accountability, outcomes assessment, and continuous improvement initiatives. San Diego City College has been using Taskstream since 2009.

Assessments used to improve student services and learning require coordination, planning, measurement, reflection, and action. Taskstream offers a means for strategic assessment planning, data collection, action planning, curriculum mapping, reporting, and analytics to create a coordinated and robust assessment system.  This tool supports the college’s integrated planning and institutional effectiveness.

Getting Started in Taskstream:

Faculty and staff members responsible for entering assessments, findings, the actions, and status for SLOs/AOs, Program Review, or Master Planning must have San Diego City College Taskstream accounts to use the program.  Departments select their representatives requiring and request Taskstream accounts.  Requests for new accounts are forward to the City College SLO Team members along with:   each representative’s full name, district email address, and the courses or programs each representative should have access to in Taskstream. 

Once Taskstream accounts have been created, department representatives will be able to log-in to Taskstream at: .  Use the Lost Password function to create your own personal password 

Did you forget your log-in or password?  No problem.   

If you have a Taskstream account, but have forgotten your log-in or password, that’s easy to fix.  Go to the Taskstream homepage and use the Lost Password function.  Using this handy tool for your log-in or password will send the appropriate information or a link to your college email address so you can proceed.

Learning Taskstream

Throughout the academic year the SLO Team and SLO/AO Liaison’s Committee conduct group and department trainings, hold walk-in labs, and are available for department and individual coaching. The Liaison’s Committee members are department representatives familiar with Taskstream who volunteer as liaisons for their departments and schools.  

Need Help? 

  • Contact your Department Chairperson for the name of your department’s SLO/AO Liaison
  • Check the faculty Flex schedule for upcoming scheduled group trainings or walk-in labs
  • Watch your San Diego City College campus email for invitations to participate in walk-in labs.
  • Contact the Assessment Coordinator (2017-2018 Aaron Detty)

The 4-Step Cycle of Continuous Improvement – Complete all four steps:

    1. Assessment Planning - Measure type and measure description
    2. Criteria for Success - What is successful or what is the rubric?
    3. Assessment Findings - Results of measure
    4. Action Plan - Recommendations to improve student learning

Continuous improvement requires the completion of all 4-Steps in the assessment cycle.

Each course, program, student service, and administrative outcome should be assessed once each academic year.

Begin:  Review the Outcomes affiliated with the course or program. Existing Outcomes are stored in Taskstream with the course, program or service.

Create your Assessment Plan.  Consider an Outcome when choosing the area you plan to assess. Select your method of assessment (Measure). Choose an average baseline you plan to meet (Criteria for Success). The baseline you choose will be directly related to the important area you are assessing. A faculty member might choose a student project, presentation, or other form of assessment. A student service or administrative program might focus on a specific service they would like to evaluate, consider or improve.

Enter the Assessment Findings.  Implement the measure, collect and analyze the data. Enter the findings in Taskstream under Assessment Findings.

Action Plan.  If the findings met or exceed the baseline established for success in the plan, the Action Plan may be to choose a different method of assessment for the same Outcome, modify some component of the plan to continue to improve the finding, or to choose a different Outcome for the next cycle of continuous improvement.