Instructional Improvement (Flex) Requirements

Instructional Improvement (Flex) is required of all faculty teaching a primary (16-week) class. This requirement is based upon activities that faculty complete in lieu of instruction for the days/weeks that classes would have been in session were the district not on a 16-week compressed calendar (see Title 5, section 55724). All faculty (contract, adjunct, overload) who have a 16-week classroom assignment must meet their instructional improvement (Flex) obligation.

There is no Instructional Improvement (Flex) obligation for short-term (less than 16 weeks) or long-term (more than 16 weeks) assignments. Release time does not have an Instructional Improvement (Flex) obligation. Non-classroom assignments do not have an Instructional Improvement (Flex) obligation.

There are five (5) designated Flex days on which Faculty are required to be on campus.

 Fall 2018August 15 - 17, 2018 
 Spring 2019January 24 - 25, 2019

Contract faculty with 1.00 FTE, will have a flex obligation of 10 hours per semester. Adjunct faculty or contract overload assignments will have a flex obligation that is equal to the sum of the weekly classroom hours for all classes required.

The required Instructional Improvement (Flex) obligation for 2018 – 2019 is as follows:


Fall:10 hours
Spring:10 hours
Total:20 hours = 5 days

Partial contracts will be proportionate.

Adjunct/Overload/Pro Rata:

1 hour per semester for each weekly hour of classroom assignment


3 hour class = 3 hours Instructional Improvement (Flex) obligation for the semester.


Since a person’s Instructional Improvement (Flex) obligation can be met by independent contract throughout the semester, faculty may not submit paid leave in lieu of Flex.

Faculty may not teach another class (short-term, weekend, overload, summer, etc.) to meet their Instructional Improvement (Flex) obligation.

Flex activities must be conducted during Flex Days or completed outside the faculty member's "regular" workday.

Activity presenters will receive double the Flex credit for the activity for preparation time and administrative responsibilities, i.e. Presenter's Credit. Therefore, presenters should enroll in their own activities.  Activity rosters will be sent to presenters.  Presenter credit will be posted by the Flex Office upon return of the roster.
     Example: 2-hour activity presenter will receive 4 hours Flex credit.

"Banking" refers to the carry over of time spent on activities appropriate for Flex beyond the number required by the institution. While faculty are encourage to meet their obligation each semester, those who wish to "bank" or carry over time spent on Flex activities beyond the number required for the semester may do so under the following conditions:
  • Excess hours may be "banked" from one semester to another within the academic year. You may carry over Flex credit from fall 2018 to spring 2019 (but not from spring 2018 to fall 2018).
  • Any "banked" hours on record at the end of the fall semester will automatically be brought forward in the Flex system to the spring semester for all faculty.