Workshops and Independent Projects Information

Flex Activity Information

Activities involving travel outside SDCCD sites will require faculty planning to attend to complete a travel request form. Please see the Business Office for assistance.

Generic, pre-approved activities are available for Flex credit. These activities are automatically approved for a pre-determined number of hours. If you choose to enroll in any or all of these activities, please do so by the date indicated as they become inactive after that point in time. As with any other Flex activity, your work on these activities will be performed outside of your regularly scheduled hours and at a location of your choice. Flex credit will be awarded when you certify completion in YOUR CONTRACT on the Faculty Flex website. If you have any questions concerning this type of activity, please contact the Flex Coordinator on campus.

There are some activities designed for faculty who are members of a specific committee. Enrollment is limited to committee members only. If you chair a committee or special group and wish to obtain information about developing a similar Flex activity, please contact Flex Coordinator on campus. Committee work beginning July 1st up to the start of the semester is permissible for Flex credit for faculty (per Title 5).

To request an accommodation, please contact the activity presenter and/or your school dean at least five (5) working days before the Flex activity for disability related accommodations.

An evaluation of the Flex activities designated by the college is required by Title 5. An evaluation form will be available online or during the activity.

Faculty may propose a Flex activity for a group, department, college or District-wide event by submitting a Flex Request form.

Recording a Flex Activity

Recording attendance of a Flex activity is done online. You must enroll in an activity before you can record that you completed the activity. Recording attendance on the Faculty Flex website is required.

Enrollment after the Activity Date

Faculty must make every effort to enroll by midnight on the day of the activity. Faculty must contact the Flex Coordinator for manual enrollment. In order to receive flex credit, faculty must then self report their attendance via YOUR CONTRACT page at the Faculty Flex website.

Independent Projects

Independent Project is an activity that an individual faculty member uses to enhance the quality of effectiveness of their instructional knowledge and/or skill. Faculty will be required to self-report completion of an independent project.

For independent projects that have been submitted ("In Process" status) and approved ("Input" status), faculty must return to "Your Contract" after completion of the project to: 1) mark the project completed; and 2) click the submit button to receive flex credit.

Independent project proposals will not require advance agreement. However, if during the origination of your project that status is "See Dean/Chair," it is best that you check with your Chair and/or Dean for ways to modify the project proposal. You should then resubmit the project to receive full flex credit.

All independent projects must be submitted online and according to provision 7.1.4 of the AFT contract. To create your independent project, follow the procedures described in the Instructional Improvement Handbook. Please allow 48 business hours for the review of your independent project. You may also contact your campus Flex Coordinator for information.

The deadline for submission of Independent Projects for approval will be the Monday of week 12 of the semester.

     Fall 2018: November 5, 2018
     Spring 2019: April 15, 2019

After an Independent Project has been approved, the project must end and be marked as completed on the Faculty Flex website before the following deadlines to receive Flex credit:

     Fall 2018: December 10, 2018
     Spring 2019: May 20, 2019

Emails are sent to the faculty district email account with any status updates of the Independent Project you submitted. You can also view and update the state of your project in YOUR CONTRACT on the Faculty Flex website.