Academic & Transfer Counseling

On a daily basis, City counselors assist the general student population in selecting programs of study that are appropriate for their personal and professional goals. Students and counselors work together to choose a program of study that is suitable to the student’s needs, based on factors such as academic status and history, professional goals and educational backgrounds.

Academic & TRANSFER Counseling includes:

  • Educational planning for an Associate's degree and/or Certificate program
  • Transfer planning for those students wanting to pursue a Bachelor's degree program at a 4-year university.  Visit the Transfer Center website for more information.
  • Academic Probation or Disqualification counseling
  • Advocacy and support for all students

Student education planning

Need a Student Education Plan (SEP) or help with choosing classes?  First identify which of the following categories you belong to and then take the appropriate steps listed:

  • Undecided Students: You must attend a Career Exploration Workshop conducted through the Career Center.  Career Exploration services are available for students who are undecided on a major or do not have a specific career goal.  Visit the Events Calendar for more information on dates and times. 
What is a Student Education Plan or SEP?  Your EDUCATION PLAN or SEP, created in collaboration with a counselor, is your step-by-step guide to meeting Associate degree and/or transfer requirements.   NOTE: Creating an education plan will help ensure your registration priority, which allows you to enroll in the courses you need, when you need them. 

Need help with a "quick question"?  BRIEF 5 - 10 MINUTE Quick Question Counseling sessions are available or you can visit our "Ask the e-Counselor" webpage to submit an email.  Please note that personal academic records are NOT discussed or reviewed over email for confidentiality reasons.  There is an average waiting period of 2 - 3 business days for replies, longer during our peak registration periods.

How to Choose Classes and Register

A Self-Help Guide to Registering for Classes on Reg-e