Live E-meeting Center

E-Meeting Center Features

The WebEx powered meeting center delivers a host of interactive tools that enable counselors to conduct successful e-counseling appointments and workshops in a small collaborative environment. These tools not only provide an interactive atmosphere for meeting presenters, but create a comfortable, engaging environment for all meeting attendees to communicate their thoughts and feedback.

Below are some useful features of the E-Meeting Center:

  • Chat
  • Video viewing of presenters
  • PowerPoint Viewer
  • Text Slides
  • Remote Control and Assistance
  • Web Slides
  • Real-Time Polls
  • Whiteboards
  • Application and Desktop Sharing
  • 2-way VoIP /Internet telephony

Important WebEx powered E-Meeting  screens

Click on links below to review the screens you will encounter when entering the E-Meeting room. These are only pictures of the meeting center. To attend a real session you must scheduled an appointment with a counselor via the appointment calendar on this site. Only after we have verified your status as an SDCCD student, will you receive the required Meeting ID and password.

Joining a WebEx powered live E-Meeting

E-Meeting Center picture

Re-enter the meeting page

Systems requirements for using the WebEx powered Meeting Center