Learning Disabilities


According to the Title V regulations that govern the California Community Colleges, and in accordance with the State Education Code and State and Federal legislative guidelines:

textbooks on ADHA and Dyslexia
Learning disability in California Community College adults is a persistent condition of presumed neurological dysfunction, which may also exist, with other disabling conditions. This dysfunction continues despite instruction in standard classroom situations. Learning-disabled adults, a heterogeneous group, have these common attributes:

  • average to above intellectual ability;
  • severe processing deficits;
  • severe aptitude-achievement discrepancy(ies); and
  • measured achievement in an instructional or employment setting.

Currently, City College DSPS does not test for learning disabilities. Some health care providers may complete this testing as well as students who are in the CalWorks program and Department of Rehabilitation Programs. Outside providers can also be used but be aware that it is an expensive process.