Request POP-IN Tutoring Service

As the course offerings for English 47A (our designated course for SIs) and English 101/31 expand, we are working to provide the best support possible for everyone. POP-IN Tutoring is an alternative to the traditional SI Tutor who is always embedded in your class. Highly trained English Center tutors are available to be embedded in your classroom for specific dates and times as requested.  Tutors can assist with a variety of activities including workshops, group work, paper feedback, and more.

Services are based on tutor availablilty. Submited requests need to be placed a minimum of 48 business hours prior to the requested date and time. Please include the class CRN number along with the Course Name to expedite processing.

Pop-In Tutoring is a three step process:

1)    Fill out the POP-IN Tutoring request as specifically as possible, attaching all necessary information, prompts, handouts, and directions.

2)    Receive confirmation from the English Center (schedule an optional meeting with a tutor if desired).

3)    Tutor(s) arrive at your class and function as needed.