Students seeking tutoring from us can find it in a variety of ways:

  • Walk -in tutoring—no appointment is required, simply request a tutor during our open hours.
  • Online  tutoring—make an appointment to work with a tutor online, email us your paper for review by a tutor, or ask us a quick question via this website.
  • SI  tutoring—learning community courses have special supplemental instruction tutors assigned to them who work closely with students and instructors.
No matter what a student’s academic needs are, we can help. Our tutors can offer insight on logic and critical thinking, writing clearly and effectively, constructing thesis statements, drafting outlines and researching topics, using MLA and APA styles of organization, avoiding plagiarism, revising work, and addressing grammar and sentence-level issues for all students.

At the English Center, our objectives are to foster student independence and mastery of the material, stimulate active learning, and increase student self-confidence. Our tutoring philosophy is one of partnership, in which we help students to identify and overcome their challenges through a variety of methods. Likewise, we want to enhance each student’s ability to succeed, and to that end we strive to allow students to do their own work at their own pace, with guidance and mentorship from tutors.