Walk-in tutoring

Students seeking help from a tutor are welcome to visit the English Center at Room L-209 in the L Building. When you arrive, simply sign in and wait for the next available tutor.

While you wait for a tutor, you can sit in the lobby, study quietly at a table, or use our computer lab.

If you leave the English Center while waiting for a tutor and your name is called, it is possible that you might lose your place in line. Make sure you tell the EC staff that you need to leave momentarily if you have to use the restroom or answer your phone.

If there is a particular tutor you enjoy working with, let us know when you sign in. If that person is available you are welcome to work with him or her again.

Tips for having a productive tutoring session

  • Come prepared for the session with all materials, handouts, drafts, instructions and anything else you might need to show the tutor so that he or she can best serve you.
  • Know what you need from the tutor. If you are unclear on what your tutoring needs are, describe them as best you can.
  • Budget your time. Expect to spend 5 to 30 minutes waiting for the next available tutor, and 20 to 40 minutes in the session itself, depending on your needs. All in all, we recommend that you budget for at least 1 hour each time you visit.
  • Turn off your phone. If you know that you must be available for an important call, tell the tutor at the beginning of the session or come back another time. If you decide to stay, make sure your phone is silent.
  • Take notes. It is likely that the tutor will focus on a few important issues even if you have other issues that you know you need to address. If you know that you will want more tutoring sessions, take notes so you can tell the next tutor.