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Enrollment Fees

The current enrollment fees are $46 per unit. If you are a California resident and you have a BOG Fee Waiver based on your income or based on your FAFSA application, the enrollment fees will be covered by the BOG Fee Waiver. Enrollment fees are subject to change based on the California State Legislature.

Health Fee and BOG Fee Waiver

Students who qualify for a BOG Fee Waiver based on their income or their FAFSA will have to pay the Health fee each semester. The Health fee is $19 for Fall and Spring and $14 for Summer. Exception: Students who qualify for a BOG A Fee Waiver and who provide current proof of receiving TANF, SSI/SSP or General Relief are exempt from the Health fee. SSI is Supplemental Security Income. SSI does not include Social Security or Disability payments.

BOG Fee Waivers

  • BOG Fee Waivers are awarded only to eligible California residents to pay for their enrollment fees
  • You will need to pay the health fee unless you qualify for a BOG A due to receiving TANF, SSI or General Relief
  • If you paid your fees before qualifying for a BOG Waiver, you may go to Accounting (B-?) to request a refund
  • BOG Fee Waiver awards are annual awards and cannot be used after the 2016-2017 school year has ended
  • Awards are valid through the Summer 2017 term only
  • Awards may be granted retroactively back to the Fall 2016 semester if you apply after the Fall term and you maintained enrollment
  • You will need to re-apply for a BOG Fee Waiver for the 2017-2018 school year by completing the 2017-2018 FAFSA application available beginning October 1, 2016

California High School Graduation and Cal Grant Eligibility

All students awarded a Cal Grant must have a high school diploma. Students will need to provide high school graduation information to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) before a Cal Grant award can be disbursed. For more information and eligibility requirements,click on the following link, Cal Grants

Semester College Bus/Trolley Pass

  • If you are awarded a Pell Grant, you may purchase a special one semester Bus/Trolley pass using your Pell Grant depending on your Pell Grant award amount and your enrollment level
  • You must be a California resident
  • The Special pass is valid through the end of each semester for unlimited use including weekends and holidays
  • The Special pass is $178 for Fall 2016
  • Special pass must be purchased by end of the second week of the semester with your Pell Grant
  • You must go to Accounting in B-? to purchase your special bus/trolley pass
  • If you enroll in less than 12 units and you purchase the bus/trolley pass, the amount available in the bookstore will be reduced
  • The amount used for the bus/trolley pass will be deducted from your first Pell Grant check disbursement

General Eligibility Information for all Financial Aid programs

  • You must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) based on the Financial Aid standards to remain eligible for aid
  • Click the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) link on the right side of the page for more detailed information
  • You must be enrolled in at least 1 class at San Diego City College (SDCC) or ECC at all times each semester
  • You cannot receive aid from more than one college at the same time
  • You must decide what college you want to receive aid from if you are awarded aid from two different schools
  • You must submit an Academic Transcript if you attend another college during the 2016-2017 school year in addition to submitting transcripts for all prior colleges attended

Password Required for Telephone Inquiries

  • You must have a financial aid password on file to receive information about your financial aid status over the phone
  • The financial aid password is separate from your PIN # for Reg-e and the FAFSA on the Web PIN
  • To protect your privacy, no information will be given out over the phone without a password. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Phones are only answered during regular office hours 

Expenses Covered by Financial Aid

Financial Aid will not cover all of your expenses and must be used towards approved expenses, such as:

  • Tuition & fees
  • Books & supplies
  • Food & housing
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous personal expenses (necessities)

Correct Address and Phone Number

  • You are responsible for updating your address and phone number in Reg-e as soon as it changes
  • The address on file in Reg-e is used for all correspondence and the mailing of checks
  • Changing your address at the Post Office does not work because mailed checks are not forwarded
  • Checks mailed to the wrong address will be delayed at least two weeks or more
  • Checks will not be generated if Reg-e has an invalid (bad) address on file
  • An "Invalid Address Hold" is placed on your record if the Admissions Office or District Student Services Office receives returned mail from the Post Office
  • Email address changes must be updated in Reg-e

Direct Deposit

  • You can sign up to have your financial aid payments deposited directly into your bank account
  • You may sign up using Reg-e
  • Direct deposit becomes effective 21 days after you initially sign up
  • Any disbursements that occur within the 21 day period will be held from payment until we receive confirmation that the direct deposit account is valid 

Priority Awarding Process

  • SEOG and Federal Work Study (FWS) funds are very limited each year
  • Priority is given to students in Good Standing who meet the priority filing deadline of April 15, 2016
  • Awarding is done based on the following order:
    • FAFSA application date
    • File completion date
    • Greatest financial need

Pell Grant Enrollment Status

  • Pell Grants awards are based on full-time enrollment for the entire academic year (Fall 2016 – Spring 2017)
  • Your Pell Grant will be reduced if you enroll less than full-time in a semester
  • In general, you must be enrolled in at least 6 units to receive a Pell Grant (special exceptions may apply based on your Estimated Family Contribution or EFC)
  • The enrollment status for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters are:
    Less than ½-time 0.5 to 5.5 units
    ½-time 6 to 8.5 units
    ¾-time 9 to 11.5 units
    Full-time 12 or more units
  • The enrollment status for the Summer 2017 term will be the same as the Fall and Spring semesters

Pell Grant Bookstore Accounts

  • If you are awarded a Pell Grant, you may use your grant to purchase books and supplies at the Bookstores at City, Mesa, Miramar or ECC only
  • The following rules apply:
    • You must have enough Pell Grant eligibility based on your EFC, enrollment status and scheduled award
    • You must be a California resident as determined by the Admissions Office
    • You must be enrolled in 6 or more units each semester with at least 1 class at SDCC or ECC at all times
    • The maximum amount available will be $895 per semester
    • Bookstore amounts will be adjusted if your enrollment status changes
    • Award adjustments are effective the next working day after the enrollment change
    • You will need a picture ID and a student ID to use the Bookstore process
    • Any unused balance of funds from the Bookstore will be disbursed during the first check disbursement process
    • Amounts used in the bookstore will be deducted from your first Pell Grant check disbursement
    • Awards made after the bookstore deadline will pay the unused bookstore amount in the next regular check disbursement

Pell Grant Enrollment Status Determination (Freeze Date)

  • Pell Grant funds will be disbursed in two payments based on your enrollment status as of a specific date determined by the Financial Aid Office
  • The Freeze date for Fall 2016 is September 9, 2016
  • The Freeze date for Spring 2017 is February 16, 2017
  • You must add all of your classes for the semester by the Freeze date
  • If you add units after the Freeze dates, you will not receive any increased or additional payments
  • If you are awarded during the semester and the semester Freeze date has passed, your enrollment status will be determined and frozen based on the date of your actual disbursement
  • Pell Grant payments made for classes that you never attend will result in an overpayment or a reduced 2nd disbursement

Pell Grant Disbursement Dates

For more information on the main disbursement dates, go to: Payment Dates

  • Checks scheduled for pick up will be picked up from the Accounting Office in B?

Pell Grant for Non-Resident Students

  • Your Pell Grant will be used to pay your non-resident tuition through a computer transaction 
  • You will not have any funds available at the Bookstore
  • You will not be able to purchase a Semester College Bus/Trolley pass
  • If there is a remaining balance after paying tuition it will be disbursed on the scheduled Pell Grant disbursement dates
  • The Payment Freeze Dates are the same as listed above for each semester
  • If you add units after these dates, you will not be eligible for any additional Pell Grant funds
  • If your Pell Grant does not cover all of the fees, you will have to pay the balance at the time of enrollment
  • You will need to plan for alternate source of funds to pay for books and supplies and other expenses
  • To get the maximum benefit from the Pell Grant, you should enroll in exactly 6, 9 or 12 units per semester

Reduced Parking Permit Fees

  • If you qualify for a BOG Waiver or some other form of financial aid you will only pay $20 per semester for a parking permit instead of the regular $30 per semester fee
  • The reduced parking fee does not apply to students who qualify for the BOG Fee Waiver under the BOG A Special Circumstances eligibility criteria

Deferments (Information Pending)

  • You must apply for financial aid before applying for a deferment 
  • The Health fee cannot be deferred 
  • You must pay a 50% down payment of the total tuition and fees due 
  • Deferment deadline TBD
  • Contact the Student Affairs Office (M-200) for more information 

SEOG Disbursements

  • SEOG is awarded based on a priority basis (See the Priority Awarding Process)
  • Your SEOG payment will be disbursed in one payment on the 1st Pell Grant disbursement date each semester
  • SEOG payments are not adjusted for changes in enrollment status and no payments will be made if you are enrolled in less than 6 units in a semester

Cal Grant B and C Disbursements

  • Your payment will be disbursed in one payment on the 1st Pell Grant disbursement date each semester
  • Cal Grant payments and enrollment statuses are frozen at the Freeze Date and no payments will be made for increases in enrollment
  • Cal Grant payments will not be made for enrollment in less than 6 units 
  • If awarded a Cal Grant C, you must be enrolled in a vocational program and be taking the appropriate classes
  • Your Educational Level (EL), your financial need and your High School Graduation status will be reviewed before making a Cal Grant disbursement

Federal Work Study

  • If you accept your Federal Work Study (FWS) award, the FWS coordinator will contact you separately regarding the documentation required for employment and the eligibility requirements
  • FWS awards are paid on a monthly basis based on the hours you worked in the previous time period
  • FWS awards are valid until you have earned the full award, the end of the Spring 2015 semester or your last date of enrollment whichever occurs first
  • Students with convictions may be ineligible to work depending on the type and number of convictions 

Direct Loans

Direct Loan information is available on our financial aid website at: Federal Direct Loan (Subsidized)

Stop Payment of Mailed Checks

  • If your check is mailed to the wrong address, the earliest you can request a stop payment is two weeks (10 working days) after your check was originally mailed
  • Stop payments may take up to four weeks or longer to process once it is submitted to our office
  • The Financial Aid Office handles all questions regarding the processing and mailing of checks or stop payments
  • You do not need to contact any other office for assistance
  • If you receive your original check in the mail after you have submitted the stop payment paperwork, you must return the original check to our office and wait for the replacement check to be issued

Rejects of Direct Deposit Payments

  • If your direct deposit is rejected, we will need to cancel that disbursement and re-issue you a check that will be mailed to you
  • Rejects will delay your receipt of your disbursement
  • You will be contacted so you can update or change your bank account information on Reg-e

Check Pick Up

  • Check pick up will be done on an exception basis for one semester only
  • You must submit a request to our office for approval in order to have your checks picked up
  • You must show a student ID and a picture ID to receive your check from the Accounting Office B?
  • Checks will be held for 10 working days before being canceled
  • You will not be able to pick up your check before the scheduled disbursement dates. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Repayment of Emergency Loans

  • If you owe an emergency loan, your disbursement status will be set to pick up on a temporary basis
  • Your status will be re-set after you have repaid your emergency loan
  • All emergency cash and book loans must be repaid to the Accounting Office in B? as per the agreement you signed
  • If eligible for aid, you may repay your emergency loan in full and then receive your entire scheduled financial aid check
  • You may also endorse your aid check and the Cashier will make an adjustment check less your emergency loan amount
  • Adjustment checks are usually available for pick up two working days after you endorse your financial aid check
  • Failure to repay your emergency loan as agreed will result in a District Hold being placed on your student record

Financial Aid Received May Have to be Reported to the IRS

  • Any financial aid grants or scholarships received from January 2016 through December 2016 must be reported as taxable income to the IRS on your 2016 Tax Return, if you are required to file
  • Exception: Financial Aid used for tuition & fees, books & supplies and equipment required for courses are exempt
  • The Financial Aid Office is not able to determine how much of your financial aid is considered taxable income
  • Please contact a tax advisor or specialist for more assistance

Understanding your 2016-2017 Award Letter

Estimated Budget: This is our standard budget showing the estimated costs you may incur for the academic period. These costs are estimates only and your actual costs may be different.

Estimated Resources: These figures are calculated using the Federal Methodology Need Analysis and is based on the income and asset information you reported on your FAFSA or documentation submitted to our office. The Student Contribution and Parental Contribution reduce the amount of financial aid you may receive.

Estimated Need: This is the maximum amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive from all sources of financial aid. It is determined by subtracting your Estimated Resources from your Estimated Budget. Your Estimated Need may be met through grants, loans, Work-Study or other educational resources such as scholarships. Your full need may not be met due to limited funding from the Federal and State Financial Aid programs.

Offer of Assistance: This section shows the financial aid you have been awarded for each semester.

  • Pell Grant (California residents), SEOG, Cal Grant B and C, and some EOPS awards are disbursed directly to you
  • Pell Grant (Non-residents) and BOG Waivers are computer transactions paid directly to the Accounting Office
  • Federal Work Study is paid monthly based on the hours you worked the previous month and verified by your job supervisor 
  • Direct Loans are disbursed twice per loan period (Please refer to the Direct Loan webpage for more information on the loan disbursement process and requirements).

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