Student Benefits and Experience


  • Create a stronger academic support network for yourself.
  • Be valued as an individual with your own set of personal experiences to bring to the community.
  • Make new friends by spending more time with students from different cultures and majors.
  • Develop stronger ties with individuals through small group interactions.
  • Enjoy closer, more supportive working relationships with professors.

Personal Skills

  • Be actively involved in your own learning process.
  • Improve your critical thinking skills through sharing and connecting topics, ideas and assignments between classes.
  • Develop leadership, problem-solving and strong communication skills.
  • Practice team-building skills that are transferable to your daily life.
  • Build confidence by realizing and achieving your academic goals which will better prepare you for transfer.


  • When available Learning Communities will have a peer tutor who attends the courses with the Learning Community students and conducts workshops, study groups, or individual tutoring sessions outside of the classroom in the English Center or the Tutorial/Learning Center.

Time and Money

  • Create a convenient class schedule that will meet general education requirements.
  • Coordinate homework in order to save time and stay on-schedule with assignments.
  • Buy fewer books and save money!

Student Experience

"I liked that the classes in the Learning Community are related to each other and have a common theme.  This connection made it easier to learn.  I recommend that all students become part of a Learning Community.  You get lots of support in a Learning Community, and it helps you to improve your skills for succeeding in college."

"The Learning Community classes were demanding, but the experience was interesting and I enjoyed it.  I'm not from San Diego, so I was concerned that I wouldn’t know anyone in my classes.  The Learning Community environment made the transition into college easier.  All the students in the community became my friends."

"I enjoyed meeting and interacting with students - as well as my professors, on a personal level. As a first-generation college student, I imagined my professors to be intimidating.  But the Learning Community helped me to adjust to college more easily.  I felt comfortable in my classes, and I got to know my professors."

"I really liked being part of a community – a familia.  Students also interact with classmates and professors outside of the classroom.  I still keep in touch with my professors and ask them for advice.  Learning Communities are a great experience.  I recommend it for everyone."