About Us


The Math Center currently offers Twelve-week Pass/No Pass Structured Self-Learning Refresher Courses for Pre Algebra (15A), Introductory Algebra & Geometry (15B) and Intermediate Algebra & Geometry (15C).

In addition we offer computer access to math software, areas to do math homework with access to tutors for all math levels, and quiet areas to take make-up exams.

Our facility is composed of the following:
  • A 45 workstation main computer lab offering limited access to selected math-related websites including:
      • MyMathLab
      • MyMathTest 
      • Aleks
      • StatCrunch
  • Virtual TI-84 Graphing Calculators
  • A 10 workstation testing room / computer lab for test proctoring services
  • A smaller workroom where math workshops are held daily

While our facility and services are open to all City College math students, first priority access is given to students taking one of the Math Center Math 15ABC courses.  As such, the Math Center, our classroom space for the Math 15 courses, is subject to all rules and regulations as any other math classroom (e.g. cell phone usage is prohibited; no visitors; no food or drinks allowed in the Math Center; disruptive students will be asked to leave the Math Center, with possible further disciplinary actions taken, etc). For more information, please refer to Student Code of Conduct section of Policy 3100 of the SDCCD Board of Trustees Policy.


Trained tutors and professors are available throughout the day. The tutors are there to help you, but its up to you to contact them, if you are having difficulty. Many times you will find that one or two words from a tutor can help clear up difficulties that could take you up to hours on your own. If you feel that you need help, just go to L-208 and a tutor will be there to help you.

Different tutors are available at different times, so when you find a tutor you feel you can work with effectively, you should plan your lab hours around their hours. Tutors and professors are available for tutoring, not teaching. Tutors are there to help you, if you have worked the problems and still have a question. Tutors are not there to provide hours of instruction. Because of the large number of students, tutors may only be able to spend 5 or 10 minutes with you. If you still feel like you need more time for tutoring, please see a supervisor for suggestions. 

We offer tutoring with on-the-fly support:
  • On-the-fly support: On demand service for any student who has a quick question (e.g. help on some homework problems). Just come into the main computer lab, raise your hand and a tutor will come by to help.
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